MBA Prerequisites and Foundation Courses

1. Recommended Proficiencies

There is no specific course prerequisite for admittance into the MBA program.  However, it is strongly advised that students be proficient in mathematics, statistics, and computer usage. The faculty will assume that all master’s students have these proficiencies. These skills may be attained through prior course work, review classes, or experience. These proficiency courses will not count as credit towards Program Requirements. 

  • Statistics: Introductory course work in probability and statistics
  • Mathematics: One semester of calculus
  • Computer Usage: Ability to use common personal computing hardware and software, particularly word processing and spreadsheet programs

2. MBA Foundation Courses - Required Foundation Courses (0-11 units)

The Foundation courses provide an academic background in the various disciplines of business, which the MBA curriculum builds upon. The Foundation courses can only be taken once you are admitted into the program, and must be completed prior to taking core MBA courses. If taken at Sac State, Foundation courses are typically two units and nine weeks in length.


ECON 204

Business Economics (3)

Equivalent to introductory Microeconomics AND Macroeconomics courses; and thus can be completed at Sac State (ECON 1A & 1B), another university or even at a Community College. Both Micro and Macro must be taken to waive this course.

MBA 201

Accounting (2)

Equivalent to an introductory Financial Accounting course; and thus can be completed at Sac State (ACCY 1), another university or even at a Community College.

MBA 202

Business Communications (2)

Waived for students who achieved a score of 4.5 or higher on the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section of the GMAT or GRE exam. The score range is between 2.0 and 6.0.


Required for students who waive GMAT.

MBA 203

Legal Environment of Management (2)

Equivalent to an introductory Business Law or Legal Environment of Business course; and thus can be completed at Sac State (MGMT 10), a Community College, or another U.S. Institution.

MBA 206

Managerial Statistical Analysis (2)

Equivalent to a computer-based UPPER-DIVISION managerial statistics course (DS 101) with a data analysis emphasis. It cannot be accepted for transfer credit from programs that are not AACSB-International accredited. To check if your university is AACSB-International accredited, please visit


Foundation Course Waiver Options

Please note: To waive a Foundation course you must have taken the equivalent course(s) listed above within seven years of admission, with a minimum individual foundation course GPA of 2.0 and cumulative foundation course GPA of 3.0. Foundation course waivers will be determined automatically at admission for students who meet these criteria.

After admission, a graduate student may also request a challenge for waiver of foundation course via Foundation Course Waiver form if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • The student has appropriate professional work experience
  • The student has achieved appropriate professional or academic qualification(s)

For further information regarding course descriptions, please refer to the University catalog.