Employer Engagement

We invite and welcome employers and organizations who wish to partner with us and engage with our business students.  We provide a variety of ways for you to connect with our students.

Special Events for business students take place all throughout the academic year.  We provide networking opportunities, career readiness events, information sessions with employers, and many different events designed to connect students with the local business community. If you are an employer or organization who would like to engage with Sac State Business students, please review the wide variety of options to consider.  All of our events are designed to provide our students with the opportunity to interact with and network with companies and organizations where they may begin, build and engage in their own professional network and career development.

HIRE OUR STUDENTS: internships, part-time, full-time

If you would like to hire our business students for any part-time, full-time or internship opportunities within your organization, we invite you to utilize our online Business Job Board. Once you establish an employer profile, you will be able to post and manage your postings. Additionally, our job board allows you to monitor activity around your posting, create a hiring pipeline. Students can apply for opportunities directly through the online platform, making it easier for them as well. 


Students may opt to complete an internship for academic credit if they wish; it is not required.  However, to offer academic internships, the CBA must have a formal site agreement between the organization and Sacramento State on file with the Sac State Community Engagement Center. For new site agreements, this can take several weeks to process and will require the signature of the legal representative for your organization.

For  more details regarding academic internships, please visit our internship info section on the Business Job Board


The Business Pathway to Success event is a mini business conference for our juniors and seniors preparing to make the transition from campus to career.  It is a networking and industry information experience to help our students' in their career readiness and management process.  Business Pathways Networking Event has three main components:

  1. Keynote and Lunch
  2. Round table industry discussions
  3. Networking Fair

Please visit our Business Pathway Networking Event page for all details and information about how to participate.


It's no secret that college students and food go together like nothing else! During the semester we offer Study Break events where the sponsoring organization provides lunch (sandwiches, burritos, pizza, etc.) or Coffee Hours (Coffee & Bagels) for up to 200 students. Our office coordinates these events to make it easy for companies to be on-site to engage with our students, promote opportunities and meet students right where they are. This has proven to be an effective, fun and very much appreciated venue for students to connect with employers seeking to recruit business majors. If you are interested in this possibility, please email our Director, Office of Student Engagement and we will be in touch to plan your event.


There are two opportunities each semester for companies and organizations to participate in career fairs to recruit Sac State business students.  

The Business Career Fair is hosted by Delta Sigma Pi, the co-ed business fraternity organization on campus. They provide two career fairs each year and invite companies and organizations to participate and recruit Sac State business majors. 

The All-majors Career Fair is hosted by the Sac State Career Center and is offered in the fall semester and also in the spring semester. Advance registration is required via their website.


 If you would like to request to be considered as a guest speaker in one or business courses, it is a simple process. Complete the Guest Speaker Request form and once your information has been received, it is shared with all faculty in the College of Business Administration. Faculty will then review the information, and if it is a good fit with their course, faculty will reach out to you directly to coordinate a guest speaking opportunity.

If there are other ways you would like to partner with the CBA to engage with our students, we would love to hear from you; please email us! 

Thank you for thinking of Sac State business students for opportunities within your organization. We look forward to building a partnership of success with you.