Business Core Courses

All business students must take the major core classes as part of their Business Administration degree. In order to be eligible to enroll in the majority of the major core classes a student must be admitted into the upper division major. Please visit the Expressed Interest in Business section for information on lower division courses that must be completed prior to being approved into the upper division major. The Expressed Interest in Business website will also give you options on courses from the major core that can be taken while enrolled in the last of your lower division requirements.

Major core classes should be taken concurrently with concentration courses. Many concentrations have prerequisites from the Major Core. All courses in the lower divsion/computer literacy requirement, major core and concentrations need to be completed with a minimum C- grade while maintaining a 2.0 gpa in each area.

The College of Business Administration has policies and procedures that are unique to our college. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the policies. Please visit the following link for the 3 most common policies. CBA Policies and Procedures.

MAJOR CORE: 24 units (prerequisites noted in parentheses) - 

  • DS 101 - Data Analysis for Managers (if MIS 1, 2, 3, Math 24, and STAT 1 are completed) 
  • HROB 101 - Management of Contemporary Organizations (if MIS 1, 2, 3 are completed or enrollment is concurrent) 
  • FIN 101 - Business Finance 
  • MGMT 102 - Business Communications (if MIS 1, 2, 3 Area A in GE and ENGL 20 are completed)
  • MIS 101 - Computer Information Systems for Management
  • MKTG 101 - Principles of Marketing 
  • OPM 101 - Operations Management (DS 101)
  • GM 105 - Strategic Management (Completion of all major core courses, with the exception of MIS 101)
  • MGMT 101 - Legal Environment of Business (effective Fall 2012 MGMT 101 changed to MGMT 10 and became part of the lower division requirements.  Please note that either MGMT 101 or MGMT 10 must be completed prior to GM 105)