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The College of Business Administration is proud to offer a Business Honors Program. The program welcomed its seventh cohort in the Fall 2018 semester. The Business Honors program:

  • Presents a holistic and integrated view of business that reflects not only current business practice but also the best of practice. 
  • Challenges students in critical thinking while building their decision making and problem solving skills. 
  • Immerses students in a learning experience in which they learn not only from their professors, but also from their peers.
  • Develops students as future business leaders and pioneers. 
  • Provides students with many opportunities to meet and interact with professionals to learn real-life lessons. 
  • Provides an exceptional value to their business education through advanced knowledge and skill sets. 

The Business Honors program is a full-time program. Business Honors students will be immersed in a cohort-based learning experience where they will work with and learn from others in their cohort group as well as high-qualified faculty.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Programs at (916) 278-6463.

Admission to the Business Honors program is based on academic achievement and extracurricular activities. Eligible candidates will need to have completed all their lower division major requirements (MIS 1, MIS 2, MIS 3, ACCY 1, ACCY 2, ECON 1A, ECON 1B, MGMT 10, MATH 24 and STAT 1), achieved junior class standing, and met other admission requirements, including a minimum GPA and SAT (or ACT) score.

Our admission requirements include a SAT score of minimum 1800 or ACT score of minimum 27 (if scores available), an overall GPA of 3.5 or greater, three statements of career and professional aspirations included in application form, as well as a demonstration of past leadership activities.

Applications will be accepted beginning February 15th through March 15th for admission to the following Fall semester.

Students applying to the Business Honors program are automatically added to the application pool for the traditional business program (CBA).  One application here covers both!  Visit www.csus.edu/cba/ubac/impaction.html for the supplemental application and information on the business major impaction.


The Business Honors experience is built around a three-tier curriculum structure that includes business foundation courses, integration courses, and a practicum seminar.


Foundation courses provide students with the basic tools of business knowledge. The foundation is composed of 8 eight-week classes in business data analysis, business communication, finance, human resource and organizational behavior, marketing, management information systems, and operations management (14 units).


Integration courses challenge students and focus learning on critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, integration of business resources and understanding business as an enterprise. The six full-semester courses include (18 units):

  • Business intelligence
  • Value Chain and Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Infrastructure
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Strategy and Leadership (capstone)


The practicum seminar brings executive managers into the classroom and/or takes students on company visits for discussions that focus on practice (1 unit).

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester
Business Foundation Classes (14 units) 1st and 2nd Integration Classes (6 units) 3rd and 4th Integration Classes (6 units) 5th and 6th Integration Classes (6 units)
Practicum (1 unit)
Business Concentration Classes (18-24 units)


Business Honors students will complete the 7 foundation courses during their first semester.  Students will begin their integration classes in the second semester and continue through the fourth semester. 

The Business Honors program is a full-time program. Business Honors students will be immersed in a cohort-based learning experience where they will work and learn from others in their cohort group.


What are the advantages of enrolling in Business Honors program (BHON)?
  • The BHON is aimed at developing successful business leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • A cohort based structure: Students take classes with other highly motivated and capable undergraduates, thus increasing the interplay of ideas among those with similar goals. Instructors are highly motivated and will work to ensure the highest quality lectures and discussions within the classroom.
  • A high caliber program: Compared with regular business courses, students will be much more challenged by the high level of competition within the courses, and will be required to perform at a higher level.
  • An interdisciplinary and integrated program: Students will better understand the interdisciplinary nature of business and learn the core principles of the various sub disciplines as they affect each other. BHON promotes a holistic approach to learning that emphasizes a breadth of understanding which can be accomplished only through learning how the various sub-disciplines interact to achieve the mission of a business enterprise.
  • A problem solving emphasis: Students will be especially challenged in the areas of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will learn not only from their instructors but also from their classmates.
  • Networking opportunities Students have a much greater chance to network with similarly motivated students. Some of the resulting relationships will last a lifetime.
  • Support from business communities: Business leaders have embraced this program and have indicated a preference for students who complete BHON.
Are Honors programs popular at other universities?
  • Many universities and programs have honors programs including other CSU campuses; in general they are highly sought-after by the most accomplished students.
  • The CSUS University honors program paved the way for BHON and is a popular program. The BHON program was created in part due to encouragement from University and College administration.
How is the Business Honors program different from the regular program?
  • Only the business core (24 units) is different. The lower divsion courses and concentration courses are not affected.
  • Rather than only taking core courses in separate business disciplines as is the case with the regular business program, the BHON core consists of (a) 7 Foundation courses in business sub disciplines which are shorter in duration, (b) 6 Integration courses, and (c) a Business Practicum. Thus, the BHON core consists of 33 units, as compared to the regular business core of 24 units. However, the program is well streamlined and is unlikely to adversely affect your graduation timeline.
  • The Foundation courses provide the basic tools in data analysis, MIS, communication, finance, operations management, marketing, and human resources.
  • The Integration courses focus on interdisciplinary issues. Each course stresses the interaction of at least two to three major areas within business.
  • The Business Practicum brings top level managers into the classroom for discussions that focus on practice.
  • The result is that students will spend much more time on understanding how a business works and less time on separate disciplines within business.
What is a general road map of BHON program?
  • The Business Honors curriculum is designed as a 4 semester program. During the first semester, students would complete their principles courses (14 units). For the second and third semesters, the number of units would be six, and for the fourth, seven units. Please keep in mind that during the first semester, students would be taking four 2-unit classes during the first 8 weeks and another three 2-unit classes in the second 8 weeks. 
Do I still need a concentration?
  • Yes, concentration choices and requirements are unaffected by BHON.
  • However, we believe that students will have a stronger understanding of business in general after completing the BHON core, and as such will benefit more from, and bring more to, the concentration.
Do I have to be a fulltime student to be in the Business Honors program?
  • Yes, the BHON is an intensive program that requires a high level of energy, focus, commitment and effort. The synergies that develop require the student to be fully involved in the program.
  • BHON is not the type of program that can be taken a little at a time. This program immerses the student immediately into a learning environment that requires a significant commitment of time.
  • BHON classes are offered on-campus during the day.
How large are the classes?
  • Class size typically average 25-30 students, which is smaller than many of the sections in our regular program.
  • The class size is designed to maximize the opportunity for interaction and networking among students. Classes neither are large lectures nor are they very small seminar groups.
What is a cohort?
  • The student enters the program and stays within a relatively fixed group throughout the program. Students get to know each other very well and make lifelong friends. Being comfortable with others in the group facilitates classroom discussion and interaction.
  • The cohort nature of the program greatly increases the possibilities for networking within the group.
Must I stay with my cohort group?
  • Yes, we expect students to stay within the entering cohort to ensure consistency and sustainability of the networking advantages.
  • Although each cohort is unique, we expect each to be composed of very highly committed and motivated students.
Can I join another cohort group?
  • No, again this would defeat a feature that promotes the networking and interacting advantages of this program.
Can I opt out of the Business program to join the regular program and still receive credit for the coursework I’ve completed?
  • Students who are subject to external constraints and unanticipated changes in their lives will be free to leave the BHON program and join the regular undergraduate business program. Such students would not lose units towards graduation. However, the number of business core requirements met will depend on then they leave the BHON program and what courses they have already completed. .Please see pages 6-7 of the BHON handbook for details.
  • The program provides a roadmap for applying completed BHON coursework to the regular program requirements should that transition be necessary.  Some "101" business courses may be necessary to take upon departure from the BHON coursework.
What are the minimum admission standards?

You can expect the Business Honors admission requirements to be similar to those of the University’s Honors program. Currently, they require a cumulative college GPA of 3.5 or above, and an academic commitment as determined through interviews and essay questions. Because the College is a professional school, students who enter the Business Honors program should embrace aspirations to professionally excel in business management.

Who do I contact for more information?
Academic Programs Office at Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6086
Tahoe Hall Room 2028
Tel: 916-278-6463
Email: bus-honors@csus.edu

Is financial aid available?

There are several major scholarships awarded annually to business honors students on a competitive basis.  Donors have been particularly generous for BHON students studying entrepreneurship or accounting.  BHON students can also apply to the regular financial aid programs from University.  CBA awards over $100K in scholarships each year.
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