Undergraduate Business Advising Center

Business Administration Recent Major Program Changes

Lower Division Core – Additions

MGMT 10 – Introduction to Business Law – added to lower division requirements.  This will be required for impaction applications starting Fall 2013. 

Visit our "What is Pre-business" web page for a complete list or Lower Division requirements.

Computer Literacy Changes

Effective Fall 2017 changes were made to our computer literacy requirements (MIS 1, MIS 2 and MIS 3).

Previous Topics:                                                                             New Topics:

MIS 1 - Operating Systems & Electronic Communication              MIS 1 - Word Processing

MIS 2 - Spreadsheets                                                                     no change

MIS 3 - Word Processing & Presentation Graphics                        MIS 3 - Presentation Graphics

If a student had completed the "previous" MIS 3 or articulated course, they will have both MIS 1 and MIS 3 completed under the new requirements.  


Upper Division Core – Deletions:

  • COMS 103 will be eliminated from the upper division major core
  • MGMT 101 will be moved to the lower division core (MGMT 10)

Please note that either MGMT 101 or MGMT 10 (or its equivalent) must be completed prior to enrolling in GM 105.

Visit our Program Requirements page for the complete list of upper division core requirements.


The following concentrations have been eliminated:
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Risk Management & Insurance (became track within the Finance concentration)
  • Real Estate & Land Use Affairs (became track within the Finance concentration)
The Finance concentration will have numerous “tracks” to choose from based on areas of interest:
  • General Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Planning