Undergraduate Business Advising Center

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How can I appeal my final grade?

A final grade can be appealed only IF you believe it was assigned to you capriciously, arbitrarily, or through prejudice. It cannot be appealed for any other reasons. Begin by visiting the university's web page and reviewing the policy very carefully. There are specific tasks and deadlines you must meet before your appeal can move forward.

I'm having a grade dispute with my professor. Can the Associate Dean or Dean have my professor change my grade?

We can only intervene when a university or college policy has been violated. All grade disputes must be worked out between you and your professor.

I placed my name on the waitlist for a class during registration, but the professor will not honor it (waitlist). What can I do?

Class waitlists are used ONLY by the registration system throughout the registration period prior to the week before the first day of classes. After that, all waitlists cease, and the instructors are at their discretion to handle student adds, including prioritizing adds, creating their own waitlist or using the waitlist from the registration system. The best approach to add a course is to talk face-to-face with the instructor on the first day of class. Once a class fills, we cannot enroll a student without the instructor's consent.

Can my professor drop me from his class if I don't attend during the first week?

Yes! Your professor can have you administratively removed if your do not attend 2 class sessions (for classes meeting 2 or more times a week) , or 1 class session (for classes meeting once a week) during the first week of instruction. This includes online courses where students have failed to respond to the instructor's email request for acknowledgement of course attendance. Administrative removals will be particularly upheld if the class is full and other students are trying to add to it. Your professor may have other requirements to stay in the class. Be sure to check your course syllabus or discuss them with him/her.

I need to drop my class (after the sixth week of the semester). What do I need to do?

Per University policy, drops after the sixth week of the semester must be for medical or career reasons. Failing or passing the class with a low grade is not an accepted reason. For medical reasons, you will need a letter from your doctor stating you can no longer continue your coursework for the semester at Sacramento State. Career reasons may include increases to your work hours and/or reassigned work location. You will need (1) a letter from your employer on company stationery stating the reason for the changes and (2) supporting documents, including pay stubs reflecting your increased hours and/or timesheet. Please check with the Office of the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program (Tahoe Hall 2028) for other requirements. Lastly, per University policy, withdrawals (drops) during the last 3 weeks of the semester are NOT permitted. Be aware the university has other restrictions on dropping classes. 

I know of cheating going on in class. What can I do?

Cheating devalues everyone's degree, including yours. If you are aware of it or other unethical activities, please either bring it to the attention of your professor, or meet with the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program (Tahoe Hall 2028). Cases where we have sufficient evidence are forwarded to the University's Disciplinary Officer.