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Center for College & Career Readiness

Are You College Ready?

What does a “College Ready” student look like?
  • A College Ready student is responsible for their own school work. Make sure to have a daily planner where you can write down and keep track of your assignments.

  • Be sure to communicate with your teachers. A College Ready student meets with their instructor throughout the semester to stay on top of their course work.

  • Do the recommended instead of just the required. Being College Ready means being able to go above the minimum requirement (new word).

College Ready

  How do I become College Ready?   
  • Take a math course during your senior year! Even though it's not required, research shows that continuing math studies your senior year improves your chances of placing directly into a college-level course. (something about checking with their counselor to see if their school has Math class or we could have a link to the schools who have our math course)

  • Set ambitious learning goals. Further study in a subject area like math and science, or humanities will help you to narrow your search for the right major.

  • Take learning outside the classroom. Look for internships and volunteer opportunities that are similar to a major or career you are interested in.

  • Early experience with college. Take a college course at a local community college or university during your junior or senior years (ACE link) and earn college credit while still enrolled in high school.

  • Read widely on your own. By reading beyond what is required in a particular class, a student builds their vocabulary and improves writing skills dramatically. An additional bonus is that it familiarizes a student to what will be expected in college, where courses will have extensive reading lists.