Strategic Plan - 2015-2017

B. Dana Kivel, Rachel August & Francine Redada




Key Dates

1, To Educate about and conduct Outreach with Campus and Community around issues of Engagement

Refine and revise CEC Mission Statement

Convened several brainstorming meetings with faculty and community partners to discuss mission of CEC

  • Use the information from spring 2015 brainstorming sessions to develop a draft mission statement
  • Get feedback from key stakeholders about the draft mission statement
  • Use feedback to finalize mission statement and introduce new mission statement in CEC Brochure (20th Anniversary of CEC)

Began in Spring, 2015

Summer/Fall, 2015

Fall 2015-Spring 2016

Fall, 2016

We will clarify, distinguish and disseminate information about these concepts:

  • Service Learning
  • Internships
  • Field Work
  • Community Service
  • Volunteer Service

Use the information from spring 2015 brainstorming sessions to develop a concept paper about these topics

  • Get feedback from key stakeholders
  • Use feedback to finalize guidelines for faculty and community partners about definitions and distinctions—create manual for Service Learning
  • Assess the usability of these guidelines

February 1, 2016

Spring, 2016

Fall, 2016

Spring, 2017

We will develop, implement and assess  Learning Outcomes for Service Learning

Convene brainstorming sessions with current CEC faculty to discuss identifiable learning outcomes that can be shared across SL courses

Develop at least two learning outcomes to be used on all service learning courses

Pilot SL outcomes with 10 faculty

Assess SL outcomes with pilot faculty

Based on assessment, revise SL outcomes as needed

All faculty teaching SL courses will include SL outcomes on their syllabi

Fall, 2015

Spring, 2016

Fall, 2016

Spring, 2016

Summer, 2016

Fall, 2017

Celebrate CEC’s 20th Anniversary

Plan and implement activities throughout 2016 beginning with a celebration event in May (20 years and $20 million in contributions to the Sacramento Region)

Throughout 2015-2016

Maintain National Honor Roll Status

Track service on campus and complete paperwork for being on the National Honor Roll

Begin Fall, 2015, ongoing

Offer Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) to teach faculty how to incorporate Service Learning into their courses

Assess and revise FLC syllabus and course outline from 2014-2015

Submit FLC proposal to Center for Teaching and Learning

Participate in New Faculty orientation in August to recruit faculty for our FLC

Identify 6-8 participants and begin FLC

Complete FLC

Summer, 2015

Summer, 2015

August, 2015

October, 2015

May, 2016

Advisory Committee (work to include identifying ways to reach out to community partners and keep them up to date about CEC activities)

Identify and recruit 12-15 community partners with whom we work to participate in an Advisory Committee

Convene Advisory Committee quarterly

Fall, 2015

Begin Spring, 2016

Reestablish CEC newsletter

CEC staff will take the lead on developing a CEC newsletter to be distributed to campus and community

Begin Fall, 2015      

2. Continue to develop CEC Infrastructure to strengthen both internal campus and external community relationships and partnerships

Develop, refine and maintain CECconnect

Weekly meetings with University IRT and CEC staff

  • Develop paperwork and systems that are easily accessible by faculty, students and community partners
  • Develop community partner and faculty profiles that help us more easily create matches between them
  • Work with Registrar’s Office to analyze the use of the check box in My Sac State as a way of tracking faculty who self-identify as doing Service Learning

Train faculty and students on CECconnect

Assess first year of full use of CEC connect

Train Community Partners on CECconnect

Summer, 2015-ongoing

Summer, 2015-ongoing

Summer, 2016

Beginning January, 2016

Review and revise Partnership Agreements  that can be used for both Service Learning and Internships

Convene meetings with Procurement & Contracts, Risk Management and Career Center

Work with Senate Chair and Executive Committee to draft Internship Policy that allows for overlap in a Partnership Agreement between Service Learning and Internships

Continuing from Spring, 2015 -- ongoing

3. Engage in work that results in Sac State being known as an “Engaged” Campus through Service Learning, Community Service & Internships

Facilitate, promote and sustain a campus culture of Engagement

Engage in policy work to further institutionalize the CEC

  • Conduct research to determine feasibility of creating a University or Senate Committee on “Engagement”
  • Conduct research to determine feasibility of having a transcript notation for Service Learning (Meet with Registrar,  Academic Policies/Curriculum Policies Chairs)
  •  Conduct research to determine interest and feasibility of including policy language that encourages faculty and departments to consider “Engagement” as a desirable trait for hiring, retention, tenure and promotion (Meet with chair of Academic Policies Committee)

Begin Spring, 2015

Begin Summer, 2015

Begin Fall, 2016

Begin Fall, 2017

Network with campus organizations (and alumni and retirees Association) for outreach and referrals for volunteer opportunities

Begin Fall, 2015

Link the work of the CEC with Sac State’s Strategic Plan Goal 3, bullet number 8: Commit to Engaging the Community by Building Enduring Partnerships to Strengthen and Enrich the Region.

  • Designate a campus unit responsible for coordinating, maintaining, and providing information about University engagement programs

Begin conversations about increasing the visibility of the CEC by moving our offices to a more central location on campus that is easily accessible to students, faculty and community members.

Increase the capacity of the CEC to assist students directly who are seeking community service and/or volunteer opportunities. Work closely with Student Affairs and Student organizations and activity leadership) to identify ways we can support students to be engaged in community work

Begin Fall of 2015, ongoing