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Global Entrepreneurship Week The Carlsen Center

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Tuesday, November 9th

Leading African Entrepreneurship - Global Urban Nomads

Come hear from our expert panel that includes prominent leaders of African Entrepreneurial Institutes whose work and projects are developing skills of future African entrepreneurs. Their bold efforts and stories will be shared as they communicate their shared passion and drive to lift sustainable economic growth in their own nation and across the African continent. Come learn about the unique entrepreneurial landscape that African leaders face as they negotiate emerging markets and rapid technological expansion.

Our distinguished panelist will include:

Director Mohamed Muse Hassan

Simad University, Institute of Innovation, Tech, & Entrepreneurship (IITE Institute), Mogadishu, Somalia

Chairperson Rashid Mwinyi

Pamoja Youth Initiative, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Professor Martin Tchamba

University of Dshang, Support Center for Technology, Innovation and Incubation (CATI 2 –UDs), Dschang, Cameroon

This panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Jeffrey Mrizek; President, Global Urban Nomads

Leading African Entrepreneurship title

Financing Your Idea; A Conversation with James Beckwith, President/CEO

During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, powered by Western Health Advantage, we are happy to share a conversation with James Beckwith, President and CEO of Five Star Bank and Dean Bill Cordeiro from the College of Business. This event is brought to you in partnership with the College of Business as well as the Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Beckwith has served as Five Star Bank’s President and Chief Executive Officer since 2003. Mr. Beckwith is deeply connected to the Sacramento community and has chaired several community-based organizations including the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, Valley Vision and KVIE (the local PBS affiliate). Mr. Beckwith is currently the Chair of the Western Bankers Association, a Private Sector Director with Greater Sacramento Economic Council, a board member of Crocker Art Museum and a member of the Sacramento State University College of Business Advisory Council.

In 2020, Mr. Beckwith was recognized by the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce as the Businessman of the Year. He was named among the Most Admired CEO's of 2020 by the Sacramento Business Journal. In 2021, Five Star Bank received the 2021 Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber Corporate Steward Award and the 2021 Corporate Champion of the Year Award from the Sacramento Business Journal.

Five Star Bank was founded in 1999 by a group of Sacramento area business leaders with the goal of providing local banking services with an emphasis on commercial real estate and small business. Since then, we have grown into a trusted partner to business owners, professionals, real estate investors, and individuals.

Financing Your Idea: James Beckwith

What to Expect From Successful Medical Device Product Development

As part of the region's Global Entrepreneurship Week, UC Davis Venture Catalyst is hosting this event.

Efficient and effective product development is a crucial step that sits between defining a minimum viable product and manufacturing, en route to being able to sell a desirable product to eager customers. This talk, led by experienced engineers from Triple Ring Technologies, will serve as an introduction to product development for entrepreneurs and innovators. For example, medical devices typically have high product complexity, tight budgets, and must ultimately operate in a regulated environment—and best practices can be adapted for many other hardware products on the journey to scaled-up manufacture.

UC Davis Venture Catalyst logo

Testing Business Ideas with David Bland

Join us in learning how to test your business ideas with the author of Testing Business Ideas and Founder & CEO of Precoil, David Bland!

During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, powered by Western Health Advantage, we are excited to bring you an opportunity to learn from the author of Testing Business Ideas as well as Founder and CEO of Precoil, David Bland.

About the Talk: Testing Business Ideas

Building on the best selling Strategyzer books, David J Bland and Alex Osterwalder curated a list of experiments for people who are stuck Testing Business Ideas. They identified three major themes from design thinking and applied them to rapid experimentation. Desirability describes whether or not people want the solution. Viability addresses if you can create a sustainable business with the solution. Feasibility dives into the steps to run the infrastructure. In this talk, David will describe the principles behind Testing Business Ideas and facilitate an interactive session on sequencing experiments.

About the Speaker: David Bland, CEO and Founder of Precoil

David helps people test business ideas. He’s the co-author of Testing Business Ideas with Alex Osterwalder. David pioneered GE FastWorks with Eric Ries, coached emerging product teams at Adobe and even helped Toyota apply lean startup practices. Before his transition into consulting, David spent over 10 years of his career at technology startups. He stays connected to the startup scene through his work at several Silicon Valley accelerators.

30 Minutes

- Why test your ideas
- Advanced business model generation
- Identifying risk with assumptions mapping - Discovery vs Validation experiments

15 Minutes
- Experiment sequencing exercise

15 Minutes
- Q&A with the attendees

Testing Business Ideas with David Bland

Must be Nimble, Must be Quick to Survive in the Food Scene

Join us for an energizing panel on Must be Nimble, Must be Quick to Survive in the Food Scene!

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, powered by Western Health Advantage, we are excited to bring to you a panel of amazing Sacramento State alumni that are nimble, quick and thriving in the food scene. This event is brought to you in partnership with the College of Continuing Education and the Sacramento State Alumni Association as well as the Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

The pandemic experience of the past 20 months left restaurants and retailers unable serve their customers in the traditional manner, but everyone still needed access to food. These entrepreneurs demonstrated the power to adapt and thrive, proving you do not have to be an engineer or technology professional to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The discussion represents alumni from two different food purveyors – a subscription box food program and a creative take on cooking classes when people needed it the most. Through this panel discussion, attendees will learn how their Sacramento State education prepared them for success.


  • Brian Bedford, Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives, College of Continuing Education, Sacramento State
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Equity Pitch Competition

Join the Student Academic Success & Educational Equity Programs (SASEEP) at Sac State for their virtual Equity Pitch Competition.

As part of our Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021celebration, join the Student Academic Success & Educational Equity Programs (SASEEP) at Sac State for their virtual Equity Pitch Competition, brought to you in collaboration with the Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. This is one of five student pitch competitions. Students in SASEEP as well as those who won their College Pitch Competitions will compete for cash prizes.

About Student Academic Success & Educational Equity Programs (SASEEP)

Student Academic Success and Educational Equity Programs (SASEEP) is a multi-faceted and dynamic Unit working to ensure the success of all students on campus while closing the achievement gap.

SASEEP is vibrant and anchored by many innovative programs. Our foremost goals are rooted in the provision of access to a higher education, success in the collegiate setting, and equipping our scholars with tools for life.

Title for Equity Pitch Competition

UC Davis Student Startup Center Events

UC Davis Student Startup Center logoIn Person Event

Room:1122-1124 Bainer Hall
Location of Event:UC Davis Campus
Event Type:Workshops and Training
Presented by:UC Davis Student Startup Center

Equity, Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Sacramento Region

Join us on Nov. 9th at 3:00 pm to learn about equity, entrepreneurship, & innovation from a panel of distinguished educators and innovators!

During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, powered by Western Health Advantage, we are excited to bring to you a panel discussion exploring Equity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in the Sacramento Region! This discussion is brought to you in partnership with the College of Education and the Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


Dr. Carlos Nevarez, Chair and Professor, Graduate & Professional Studies in Education


Dr. Adrienne Lawson, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Compliance at PRIDE Industries
Dr. Samer Batarseh, Data and Geospatial Management Branch Chief at Caltrans
Shaun de Vera, Director of Education at Square Root Academy

Title for College of Education event

Science Entrepreneur - Song Li, CEO of Frontage Laboratories

Learn from a science entrepreneur who has years of experience in commercializing research and bringing innovations to market!
As part of celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, powered by Western Health Advantage, we are pleased to share a conversation with Dr. Song Li, the Founder and CEO of Frontage Laboratories, Inc. This event is brought to you in partnership with the College of Natural Science and Mathematics as well as the Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Song Li founded Frontage Laboratories in 2001 with the ambition of building a client-focused organization to help solve the most complex drug development challenges. Prior to Frontage, Dr. Li held management positions at Great Valley Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth. During this time, he led numerous projects related to the development of pharmaceutical products.

Dr. Li has authored more than 15 scientific publications spanning a wide range of topics, including chiral separations, drug-protein interactions, pharmacokinetics, and analytical chemistry. Importantly, Dr. Li has been the recipient of numerous awards, most recently Healthcare CEO award from Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the “Realizing the American Dream” award from the Pennsylvania Welcoming Society, and the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award from the AABDC.

Song Li, CEO of Frontage Laboratories

The Social Impact Implications of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

A panel discussion on how technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency are empowering innovative new solutions to global challenges

Featured Panelists:

Joe Ciccolo
Joe is the Founder & President of BitAML, a compliance advisory firm exclusively serving the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. Founded in 2015, BitAML has served hundreds of innovative clients including bitcoin ATM operators, cryptocurrency exchanges, traders and trading platforms, cryptocurrency hedge funds and lenders.

Sonia Coopwood, Co-founder & COO at GreenTek, LLC
Sonia is the co-founder and COO of GreenTek, LLC, a renewable energy development company deploying the world’s leading clean and green energy technologies. In 2018, GreenTek minted it’s own GTE Utility Coin, which is positioned to become one of the top 10 “green” cryptocurrency coins being traded on the blockchain platform.

Jeremy Dela Rosa
Jeremy is the Founder & CEO of Leyline, a social impact organization. Leyline is an NFT Collectible Platform & Marketplace centered on social good. By partnering with nonprofits and academic institutions, Leyline is building a public Proof of Good Ledger on the blockchain that can be utilized by the entire decentralized global community. Ther mission is to make philanthropy easy, fun, and profitable.

Vernon J., Founder of Equity Coin
Real estate investor and entrepreneur Vernon J. is on a mission to democratize real estate investing through the launch of EquityCoin™ (EQTY). It’s the first digital token on the blockchain-backed by affordable housing. Vernon believes that EquityCoin is one solution to helping more communities of color build generational wealth through real estate investing.

Sedale Turbovsky, Founder and CEO of
Sedale Turbovsky has been an entrepreneur since childhood. After honing his leadership skills as an outdoor guide in his younger years, he started his professional career as an independent consultant focused on business development and data analysis. He is experienced in independent grant writing and public/private partnerships at the highest level, having worked directly with OpenGrants’ current strategic partner, Momentum.

Title for The Social Impact of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & NFTs

Startup Happy Hour with Riskalyze Co-Founder and CEO Aaron Klein

Join us for Startup Happy Hour powered by StartupSac and the Carlsen Center with Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein

StartupSac and the Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Sac State welcome one of Sacramento's most accomplished startup founders, Riskalyze CEO and co-founder Aaron Klein.

Aaron’s career has largely been at the intersection of finance and technology. As co-founder and CEO at Riskalyze, he led the company to twice being named one of the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in finance by Fast Company Magazine.

Riskalyze is an Auburn-based fintech startup that provides software as a service to financial advisors in the United States. Their platform provides tools for analyzing investment risk, delivering 401(k) plans, and building and implementing investment portfolios. Riskalyze invented the Risk Number®, an alignment tool for financial advisors to quantitatively measure investor risk tolerance, risk capacity, and portfolio risk on a scale from 1 to 99.

Riskalyze has raised over $23 million in funding. Private equity firm Hg recently bought controlling interest in Riskalyze in a deal valued at over $300 million.

Title for Startup Happy Hour with Aaron Klein Riskalyze

UC Davis Making The Leap - Ideas Into Action Workshops

In-Person Event at UC Davis

Ideas into Action workshops help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs launch their journey.

Start with an idea—end with a business.

Making the Leap
Are you ready to move your business idea from concept to reality? Join Graduate School of Management Professor Andrew Hargadon to learn how to clearly articulate the problem you are solving, your proposed solution and its value proposition. We’ll also discuss how to develop a foundation for thinking about moving your venture forward—and how to acquire the tools and network to do so effectively.

Why you should attend
Ideas into Action workshops teach the knowledge and skills needed to move from concept to company—and to effectively compete in the annual UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition.

Even if you don’t wish to become an entrepreneur, the leadership skills you learn through the Ideas into Action workshop series and the Big Bang! will translate into whatever career path you chose. You'll learn to:

  • Solve complex problems
  • Be a part of and effectively lead cross-functional and cross-cultural teams
  • Make connections and build your network
  • Thrive in challenging times
Title for UC Davis Ideas Into Action

About Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)

Join the Carlsen Center, entrepreneurs, students from Sac State, regional community colleges and UC Davis, alumni and community members for a week of dynamic presentations, panel discussions and pitch competitions, all focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and ingenuity.

We will celebrate GEW with college pitch competitions, workshops, happy hour conversations and presentations from local startup founders across the Sacramento Region, along with presentations from authors of startup tools that are included in our Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series: Josh Levine (Building Company Culture) and David Bland (Precoil).

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