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Center on Race, Immigration & Social Justice California State University, Sacramento

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Building Justice Podcast

The Building Justice podcast explores critical issues affecting our communities with the hopes of creating a healthier and more just world. The ongoing conversations between the Sacramento State community and regional partners aim to spark understandings, empathies, and motivation to join the struggle for a better future for all.

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‘Building Justice’ Season 1

# Title Description Listen
1 The Building Justice trailer The trailer welcomes new listeners to the Building Justice Podcast created by Sacramento State's Center on Race, Immigration and Social Justice (CRISJ). Transcript s1e1 Ep. 1
2 Building justice for undocumented students Dr. Basia Ellis discusses the Dreamer Resource Center at Sacramento State with its coordinator, Erik Ramirez. They discuss how the Center empowers and transforms the lives of students impacted by undocumented status. Their conversation explores how the entire campus community can work collaboratively to build social justice. Transcript s1e2 Ep. 2
3 Identity, Sound, Music and Performance in the Borderlands Luis Chavez, lecturer in the Music Department at Sac State, recounts to Dr. Heidy Sarabia about growing up in a transnational setting, his borderlands identity, and how these experiences shaped his research on music and dance traditions in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. Transcript s1e3 Ep. 3
4 On Mentorship and the "Missing White Woman Syndrome” In this episode, Dr. Kristina Flores Victor interviews Dr. Danielle Slakoff about her journey from California State University Long Beach through to her PhD program in Nebraska. The pair discuss Dr. Slakoff's work on Missing White Woman Syndrome, the overrepresentation of missing White women in the media. Transcript s1e4 Ep. 4
5 The psychology of migrant “illegality”: a conversation between Dr. Basia Ellis and Dr. Monicka Tutschka Sacramento State Professor Basia Ellis discusses her research into the psycho-social processes shaping the subjectivities of resilient undocumented migrants who respond in creative and strategic ways to their illegal status. Transcript s1e5 Ep. 5
6 What should white people do?: a conversation with Dr. Mark Brown and Dr. Monicka Tutschka Mark Brown and Monicka Tutschka, both political science professors at Sacramento State, discuss racial justice work by white people – what they often get wrong, and how they can do better. Transcript s1e6 Ep. 6
7 Stan Oden: A Life-Long Trajectory of Activism: a conversation with Dr. Stan Oden and Dr. Heidy Sarabia In this episode, Stan Oden, Professor of Political Science at Sacramento State, recounts how he grew up in San Diego, his activist days at UC Davis, and his intiation into the Black Panther Party. Transcript s1e7 Ep. 7
8 Stan Oden: The Black Panther Party, Community Involvement and Research: a conversation with Dr. Stan Oden and Dr. Heidy Sarabia In this episode, Dr. Stan Oden, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Sac State, recounts his activism in the Black Panther Party, his community involvement in Oakland, and his research project about politics in Oakland. Transcript s1e8 Ep. 8
9 The Odyssey Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program and Engaging in Student-Led Research: a conversation between Dr. Kristina Flores Victor and Dr. Danielle Slakoff In this episode, Dr. Kristina Flores Victor shares her history creating the Odyssey Mentoring Program and conducting student-led research on the experiences of first-generation students in higher education. Transcript s1e9 Ep. 9
10 Reflections on Farm labor, Belonging, and Education from the Margins: a conversation between Dr. Manuel Barajas and Dr. Heidy Sarabia. In this epiosde, Manuel Barajas, Professor of Sociology at Sac State and co-founder of Sac State’s Center on Race, Immigration and Social Justice (CRISJ), recounts his family's migration and farm labor experiences and growing up in Stockton, California, elaborating his relationship to family, community, and work. He also shares his experiences going to college as a first-generation, student at UC Davis. Transcript s1e10 Ep. 10
11 Representation in Higher Education as a Matter of Social Justice and the building of the Center for Race, Immigration, and Social Justice (CRISJ) at Sac State: a conversation between Dr. Manuel Barajas, co-founder of CRISJ, and Heidy Sarabia. In this episode, Manuel Barajas, Professor of Sociology at Sac State, reflects on what motivated the creation of CRISJ, which he co-founded with Professor Stan Oden, Professor of Political Science. Speaking from his lived experiences and research, he talks about the erasure people of color, in academia, i.e., curriculum, faculty, and leadership. He also reflects on why Mexicans, as people of indigenous ancestry, continue to face much hostility not only in the nation, but also in higher education. Transcript s1e11 Ep. 11
12 Life Experiences Become the Rhymes: A conversation between Dr. Luis Chavez and La from Underdog Music. In this episode, La from Underdog Music and grad student at Sac State, discusses his music and influences with Dr. Luis Chavez. Transcript s1e12 Ep. 12
13 Education, Racial Equity, and Social Justice in the Sacramento Region: A conversation between Dr. Jaime Jackson, Franny Dewey, and Joseph Sais. In this episode, Dr. Jaime Jackson talks with Civic Engagement and Social Justice Interns Franny Dewey and Joseph Sais who have been working at Social Justice Politicorps to learn about increased accountability and transparency in local government. They interviewed local leaders on racial equity in K-12 education and Higher-Ed to share what more can be done to improve education access in Sacramento. Transcript s1e13 Ep. 13
14 Black Voters Matter: Black Political Engagement Post-Obama, a conversation between Dr. Chris Towler and Dr. Monicka Tutschka. Current descriptions of Black politics often chronicle the dramatic drop in political engagement following Barack Obama’s presidency. In response, Dr. Towler’s work examines the roles that Donald Trump and the Far Right, as well as leading Black activists play when it comes to understanding Black political action today. Transcript s1e14 Ep. 14
15 On Mass Atrocity, Memory, and Reconciliation in Rwanda: a conversation between Dr. Nicole Fox and Dr. Danielle Slakoff In this episode, Dr. Nicole Fox discusses her new book "After Genocide: Memory and Reconciliation in Rwanda." The pair will discuss Dr. Fox's motivations for engaging in this work, the vicarious trauma that can stem from doing qualitative research on victimization, and what she believes are the key takeaways from her fieldwork in Rwanda. Transcript s1e15 Ep. 15