Dr. Cynthia Kellen-Yuen 



Gustavus Adolphus College (1989), B.A. Chemistry

PhD in Organic Chemistry from Stanford University (1994), working in the area of biomimetic heme chemistry and Cytochrome P-450 analogs under the direction of James P. Collman.

Office:  SQU 424A

Phone: (916) 278-3528

Email: ckyuen@csus.edu

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Chem 24 - Organic Chemistry Lecture I
Chem 25 - Organic Chemistry Lab I
Chem 124 - Organic Chemistry Lecture II
Chem 125 - Organic Chemistry Lab II
Chem 128 - Organic Synthesis
Chem 240 - Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory.


Dr. Kellen-Yuen’s research interest lie in the area of “green” organic synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, which entails the modification of standard synthetic techniques in ways which reduce the environmental impact and waste generated in traditional syntheses.  To this end, most of her group focuses on reactions which are solvent-free and/or are driven by microwave heating methods.  Examples of recent work in her group include the microwave synthesis of 2,3,4-trisubstituted pyrroles, 1,2,3-triazoles, and indoles.

In addition, Dr. Kellen-Yuen has an interest in developing green syntheses which can be incorporated into the undergraduate teaching labs.  These reactions include microwave-driven syntheses which utilize a common, household microwave and standard laboratory glassware to make them easy to incorporate into any teaching lab.  To date, microwave-driven Wittig, Darzens, Fisher Indole and Fisher Esterification reactions have been developed, and most run successfully in the teaching labs here at CSUS and at ARC.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Kellen-Yuen, C. J.; Roush, Cathleen. “Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazoles:  A Green, Microwave-Assisted Experiment for the Organic Teaching Lab" Ed.Chem. 2007, 44(3), 86-88.

Martin, Eric; Kellen-Yuen, Cynthia.  “Microwave-assisted organic synthesis in the organic teaching lab:  A simple, greener Wittig reaction” J. Chem. Ed.  2007,     84(12), 2004-2006.

Kellen-Yuen, C.; Roush, Cathleen. “Uncatalyzed microwave synthesis of simple 1,2,3-triazoles" J. Hetero. Chem.  2006, in submission.

Goodwin, Karen; Kellen-Yuen, C. “Fischer esterification by microwave irradiation: a simplified technique for the undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory” American Chemical Society 232nd  National Meeting, September 10-14th2006, San Francisco, CA.

Dickhoff, Jill.; Kellen-Yuen, Cynthia.  “Microwave synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted-1-H-pyrrole-2-carboxylates” Northern California Undergraduate Research Conference, May 6th2006, San Jose, CA.

Martin, Eric; Kellen-Yuen, Cynthia.  “Microwave Wittig: a rapid, green method for the synthesis of aromatic alkenes” American Chemical Society 231st National Meeting, March 26-30th2006, Atlanta, GA.

Roush, Cathleen; Kellen-Yuen, Cynthia.  “Green synthesis of substituted 1,2,3-triazoles” American Chemical Society 231st National Meeting, March 26-30th2006, Atlanta, GA.

Dickhoff, Jill; Hoeltje, Nathan; Kellen-Yuen, Cynthia.  “Microwave synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted-1-H-pyrrole-2-carboxylates” American Chemical Society 231st National Meeting,March 26-30th2006, Atlanta, GA.

Kellen-Yuen, Cynthia; Roush, Cathleen.  “Greener synthesis of substituted 1,2,3-triazoles” presented at the Curricular Innovations in Green Chemistry: Organic and Beyond seminar held during the American Chemical Society 231st National Meeting, March 26-27th2006, Atlanta, GA.

Kellen-Yuen, Cynthia; Raikevitch, Cathleen. “Microwave Chemistry as an Approach to Discovery-Based Synthesis in the Organic Laboratory” ACS Western Regional Meeting, Oct. 4th2004, Sacramento, CA.