Chemistry Master’s Degree Program at Sacramento State University

Our program offers advanced coursework, hands-on laboratory instruction, and research experience for students interested in furthering their chemistry knowledge base.  Currently, the program has two coursework options, a general track that focuses on strengthening organic and analytical chemistry skills, and a biochemistry track that highlights the role of chemistry in the biological sciences.  All students will complete a Master’s thesis consisting of independent research carried out in one of the chemistry faculty’s research labs.  Students who graduate from our program successfully obtain positions in the biotech industry, environmental management, high school and community college teaching, and Ph.D. programs at leading universities.  Professional career counseling is available to all students. 

The program offers maximum flexibility with most coursework offered in the evenings.  In fact, many of our students hold part or full time jobs while completing their Master’s degree.  Numerous students are also able to work as teaching assistants or obtain a research fellowship while completing their degree.  Other financial aid opportunities are also available.  The program is designed to be completed in two years. 
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