Message from the Dean



We Teach for Change...

... because the world around us is changing fast, and because educators and human service professionals are key agents of positive social change. We teach for change, because human learning, growing, and flourishing are linked to one's ability to change. However, we like some things to remain constant; as the oldest college within California State University Sacramento, we keep our long-standing commitment to justice, equity, and community.

If you are considering joining us as a student, faculty, or staff, be warned: we are not serious all the time. We like to have fun, laugh, explore, and learn together. You would be working with some of the most brilliant, but friendly faculty, competent and caring staff, and talented students. What I am trying to say is - we are very cool. If you cannot join us, consider supporting us; you will not be disappointed. 

- Alexander "Sasha" Sidorkin, Dean

College of Education