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Chris Boosalis looks to technology to improve educator prep

Dr. Chris Nicholas Boosalis had the honor of presenting at the Future Technologies Conference 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia, in November. The conference is sponsored by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, to report technological breakthroughs in the areas of information technology, computing, electronics, AI, robotics, security, and communications.

In this interview, Dr. Boosalis spoke about the work that he and Dr. Oddmund Myhre (Dean, CSU Stanislaus) are conducting to make data collection and analysis of student progress more meaningful to credential candidates, faculty, administrators, and the broader community.

Chris Boosalis interview

They are focusing on using the Qualtrics App to collect, manage, and analyze candidate and supervisor field work evaluations for student improvement and program evaluation. Their hope is to build better data models for programmatic and curricular improvement and student achievement. Dr. Boosalis also hopes to find novel ways to use data to inspire qualitative discussions and inform decisions that will help us to identify which educators will stay in the field for the long term. “A better society – that’s what we’re really after,” he says in the interview

Currently, Dr. Boosalis works with Qualtrics, R, R-Studio, and Shiny to create dashboards that offer faculty and administrators insights into how changes affect both student self-perceptions and objective performance. He also works extensively with SharePoint to collect and manage accreditation data and documents in IHEs. His most recent conference presentations include the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, Future Technologies Conference in San Francisco, California Association for Institutional Research, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference, and Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (with Dr. Caroline Turner).

Dr. Boosalis offers the following links for more information on related topics:


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