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New faculty member: Zachary Pietrantoni, Counselor Education

Another of the College of Education’s new faculty for Fall 2017, Zachary Pietrantoni is an assistant professor in Counselor Education, teaching courses related to counselor development.  He specializes in training school counselors.

Zachary Pietrantoni, PhDHe earned his BA in Psychology, a MSEd in school counseling, and a PhD in Counselor Education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

His research interests relate to school counselor multicultural competency training.  “I am particularly interested in the perception and self-efficacy related to their training experiences,” he says. “My hope is this line of research will help counselor trainees and counselor educators evaluate their approach to multicultural issues during the training process.”

Pietrantoni has published articles on the topic of multicultural competency training and regularly presents at conferences of the American Counseling Association (ACA). His recent co-authored title, “Career Decision-Making and College and Career Access Among Recent African Immigrant Students,” is in the Journal of College Access at Western Michigan University.

Pietrantoni says he became interested in the field of counselor education by working as a school counselor.  “I was fascinated with understanding how my colleagues and I trained so differently when it came to addressing cultural issues.” His work, cited by the ACA’s Counseling Today magazine, centers on the ways school counselors can address issues of social class that may be impeding students’ academic, career, and personal or social success. He recommends ways that school counselors can respond to school violence by fostering a culture of safety and encouraging parents, students, and school staff to communicate about issues in the school the community. 

Pietrantoni credits his doctoral advisor, Dr. Lyle J. White, for helping to shape him into the person he’s become. “He always challenged me to be better in all aspects of my work,” Pietrantoni says. “Although he challenged me, he was also supportive and caring.  I aspire to be like him each and every day.”

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