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Joshua Barlow: Continuous improvement leads to Dean’s list honors

Joshua BarlowThe Hornet legacy is strong in Joshua Barlow’s family, he being the sixth sibling to attend Sac State. Despite struggling with reading as a child, Joshua was inspired to succeed academically by his mother, four sisters and a brother. In Fall 2016 he made the Dean’s Honor Roll.

“My mom always told me I was a genius and that sometimes it took a while for the genius to manifest itself,” he says. “I'm not sure if it’s manifested yet, but that attitude has helped me a lot over the past few semesters.”

Seeing his brother Jacob graduate this spring with Master’s in Social Work is further inspiration to academic success, Joshua says: “Not to mention he has also been my tutor for the past 19-ish years.”

Joshua’s strategy for maintaining the grades it takes to make the Dean’s list is to schedule, schedule, schedule. Study and homework have their appointed times. “Readings and papers get the same time priority and dedication that my work schedule does,” says Joshua, who is employed off-campus four days a week.

The high point of his college experience thus far stems from the fact that every one of his professors knows him by name. “There are not a lot of guys majoring in Child Development, so that could be why,” he says. “Regardless, it's pretty awesome.”

Plans after graduation in Spring 2018 include a Masters in Family Therapy, preferably leading to a career in premarital counseling.

Joshua doesn’t take making the Dean’s list for granted, being determined to keep improving his grades. “Considering how atrocious my grades were in high school, this is a huge accomplishment and honor for me.”


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