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Nora Araujo: A family legacy of teachers

student-noraaraujo.jpgNora Araujo may not be the first in her family to attend college, but she is a first-generation college student nonetheless.

Born in Guerrero, Mexico, Nora emigrated to the United States with her family when she was three years old. Her oldest sister earned an associate degree in early childhood education, and another graduated from Sacramento State with a BA in Child Development. Nora, too, is majoring in child development with a minor in counseling.

“Growing up, I was fortunate to have role models like my siblings,” she says. “They have positively impacted my life and influenced me to continue my education. Additionally, the fact that my parents did not have the privilege to pursue schooling past second grade greatly motivated me to take the opportunities that they did not have.”

Nora expects to graduate in May of 2018, with the goal of pursuing a multiple subject teaching credential and eventually a master’s and a doctorate degree in educational leadership and policy studies.

“My career goal is to be a first grade teacher,” Nora says. “I want to inspire young children from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their own achievements. In the long run, my aspiration also includes being an elementary school principal. As an administrator, I want to be a change agent and advocate for higher education.”

Nora’s strategies for success include continuous hours of studying, taking detailed notes and keeping her planner up-to-date, but the payoff is that she has earned the grades to make the Dean’s Honor Roll for the past two years.

“I love color coding, highlighting, and using sticky notes to keep me organized,” she says, adding that her family, college staff and faculty deserve recognition for what she’s been able to achieve. “I want to warmly thank Karina Figueroa-Ramirez and Dr. Amber Gonzalez for their continuous support.”

Nora is currently employed in the Associated Students, Inc. Children’s Center and the College of Education Undergraduate Advising Center. She is also treasurer of the Child Development Association on campus. “Being a part of all these communities has been the high point of my college experience,” she says, “because I have gained meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

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