Resources for Cooperating Teachers

Document Title File Type
Teaching Credentials Policies and Procedures Handbook pdf download
Teaching Performance Expectations pdf download
Single Subject Handbook pdf download
Multiple Subject Handbook pdf download
Special Education Handbook - Mild/Moderate pdf download
Special Education Handbook - Moderate/Severe pdf download
Single Subject Coursework Syllabi Page
Co-Teaching Resources Website Link
Links to Teacher Resources Used in Our Programs



The forms below are for cooperating teachers’ reference. Cooperating teachers may initiate a statement of concern process; the ensuing documentation will be developed in collaboration with the university supervisor. The evaluation process is conducted by the university supervisor with cooperating teacher input and feedback.

Form Title File Type
Statement of Concern - Coursework word download
Statement of Concern - Field Experience/Student Teaching word download
Field Experience/Student Teaching Evaluation Form pdf download
Teacher Candidate Evaluation Signature Page pdf download


Teaching Credentials

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