Single Subject Credential

English Learner Authorization (ELA) and Bilingual Authorization in Spanish or Hmong

The Single Subject Teaching Credential (SSTC) authorizes the holder to teach the specific subject(s) named on the credential in departmentalized classes, such as those in most middle schools and high schools, in grades preschool, K–12, or in classes organized primarily for adults.In practice, the SSTC is held by middle school, junior high and senior high school teachers. All basic credential programs embed the English Language Authorization (ELA), which prepares students to work with second language learners.

Single Subject candidates with oral and written fluency as well as cultural/historical knowledge of the target group can complete additional requirements to add the Bilingual Authorization in either Hmong or Spanish.The Single Subject Bilingual Authorization authorizes the holder to provide instruction in primary language to English learners in content-specific bilingual instructional settings most commonly found in secondary schools, grades 7-12.  The Single Subject Bilingual Authorization requires additional coursework, passage of target language and ethno-history exams, and appropriate bilingual student teaching placements, as detailed below. The Bilingual Authorization is typically earned simultaneously with the preliminary teaching credential, though some of the coursework can be completed during the candidate’s undergraduate program.

Program Requirements

Units required by program: 49

Course Sequence

Courses Required

Program Resources

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Additional Information

For Spanish: ETHN 100 and ETHN 131 (or approved equivalents) which can be completed as part of the candidate’s B.A./B.S. or during the credential program AND EDUC175, which is taken during the credential program.

For Hmong: ETHN 100 and ETHN110 (or approved equivalents) and EDUC 172 which can be completed as part of the candidate’s B.A./B.S. or during the credential program.

All candidates seeking the Bilingual Authorization must document 60 hours of experience with the target population and pass the CSET LOTE – Language Examination Test.

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Learning Outcomes

Teacher preparation programs in California are governed by a set of program standards (CTC Standards: Educator Preparation) and a set of performance outcomes (for multiple and single subject candidates, see the California Teaching Performance Expectations [pdf] and for education specialists, see pages 38-47 of the EDS Program Standards, 2013

In addition to these learner outcomes, defined for all programs by the state of California, our programs also adhere to the outcomes implicit in our department Mission and Vision statement.

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