Multiple Subject: Physical Education and Health Methodology Workshop

Physical Education and Health Methodology Workshop (formally SPARK Workshop) is structured to provide each participant with a practical, working knowledge of the SPARK curricula, as well as the skills and the instructional techniques needed for the successful implementation.

The PE requirement for Multiple Subjects candidates can be met by taking a course: KINS 172 or by completing the Physical Education and Health Methodology Workshop. Completion of the workshop fulfills the Multiple Subjects Credential PE requirement. However, it is not a course and will NOT be placed on your transcripts. Teaching Credentials will provide the names of students to the credential office upon successful completion of the workshop.

Only online sign-ups will be accepted. Enrollment is on a first come first served basis. Each workshop will be capped at ONLY 25 participants and you MUST be attend the entire one-day workshop to receive credit for the class.

Workshop Schedule

Physical Education and Health Methodology Workshop Instructions:
Please read instructions carefully before emailing questions. You must do the following items in order to participate in the Physical Education and Health Methodology Workshop.

  1. Order the SPARK University Elementary Access BEFORE the class starts. Bring confirmation that you have this purchased prior to coming to class. If you have a hard copy of an old text, that will also work
  2. Wear athletic attire, good running shoes/tennis shoes and sweats. NO JEANS or Flip Flops, sandals or street shoes allowed. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO participate in the workshop without appropriate attire. 
  3. BRING evidence of the registration code for the spark manual as noted on the registration. You should have a smartphone or tablet or laptop where you can access this information as you will be using it in class. Every participant must have a separate code for this online text. Print out your receipt or have it ready for me to see on your device if necessary.
  4. Bring snacks and lunch- you'll get hungry and there are limited eating choices on a Saturday on campus.
  5. If you still have questions-- feel free to email Elisa Michals (

Workshop Goals

  • Improve physical education content offerings and instructional methodology of teachers
  • Motivate teachers to embrace new ideas and apply those ideas to their teaching
  • Increase physical activity opportunities on campus throughout the school day (before school, during lunch, after school) for all students
  • Modify the school environment to make it more conductive to physical activity promotion and facilitate lasting change

Elisa Michals
Teaching Credentials
Phone: (916) 278-6639 | Office: Eureka Hall 401