Summer School 2018

If you have been admitted to the credential program and you still need to complete pre-requisite credential courses, you must complete them before the fall semester begins. Please note that you will have the option to complete the Physical Education and Health Methodology Workshop (formally SPARK Workshop) during the Fall and Spring semester.

Summer 2018 Registration Process

Students admitted for Fall 2018 must register in person at the University’s College of Continuing Education (CCE) in Napa Hall beginning Thursday, May 10th. Due to the high numbers of New Credential Admits we have designated specific days to turn in your signed Summer Registration Form to CCE in Napa Hall*. Your registration period will be May 10th to May 18th, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Take your form in person OR call (916) 278-6984 to obtain instructions on how to submit your form and pay by phone. Please adhere to the dates above to avoid extra-long wait times in person and by phone. If you miss May 10th - 18th you will have until May 29th to complete the registration process.

*To register in person you must complete the Summer Session Registration Form (see link below in #2) and submit the completed form in Napa Hall. Fees are due at the time of registration.

Step 1: Review Summer Class Schedule


  • First 6-week session (6W1)
  • Second 6-week session (6W2)
  • Full 12-week session (12W)


  • May 29 - July 8
  • July 9 - August 19
  • May 29 - August 19

EDUC 100A - Educ Students w/Disabilities (must be taken concurrently; register for both 100A & 100B)

Class Number Section Component Session Days Start End Room Instructor Units
50468 01 LEC 6W1 TR 1:00PM 3:50PM ALP 218 Gonzales, R 2.0
50469 02 LEC 6W2 MW 4:30PM 7:20PM EUR 102 Parrish, R 2.0
50470 03 LEC 6W1 TR 9:00AM 11:50AM BRH 214 Cho, E. 2.0

EDUC 100B - Educ Students w/Disab Lab (must be taken concurrently; register for both 100A & 100B)

Class Number Section Component Session Days Start End Room Instructor Units
50471 01 IND 12W --- --- --- TBAARR Gonzales, R 1.0
50472 02 IND 12W --- --- --- TBAARR Parrish, R 1.0
50473 03 IND 12W --- --- --- TBAARR Cho, E. 1.0

EDUC 170 - Intro To Educ Engl Lrners

Class Number Section Component Session Days Start End Room Instructor Units
50440 01 DIS 6W2 MWF  9:00AM 12:30PM EUR 329 Becker, V 3.0
50465 02 DIS 12W R (5/31 - 7/5, 8/16)  9:00AM 12:30PM EUR 307G Beddow M 3.0
WEBONLINE (7/12-8/9)
50441 03 DIS 6W1 TR  12:40PM 4:10PM EUR 113 Beddow, M 3.0
50442 04 DIS 6W1 TWR 9:00AM 11:50AM EUR 329 Cintrón, J. 3.0
50443 05 DIS 6W1 WEBONLINE Sellens, H 3.0
50537 06 DIS 6W2 WEBONLINE Sellens, H 3.0

HLSC 136 – School Health Education 

Class Number Section Component Session Days  Start End Room Instructor Units
50067 01 LEC 12W --- --- --- Web Online Tacla, C. 2.0
50068 02 LEC 12W --- --- --- Web Online Tacla, C. 2.0

OR, an equivalent to HLSC 136 can be taken this summer through a community college or other University
 (if offered).  Please check the list of equivalents.

KINS 172 – Movement Education

This requirement can be completed during the fall semester as a one-day workshop called SPARKS.  Registration information for the SPARKS workshop will be included with the fall course schedule that will be emailed to all confirmed MS candidates by the end of May.  (Note: there is no fee for the SPARKS workshop but a course curriculum package - approx. $49 - is required). For more information please visit

Equivalencies for all pre-requisites are available on our website:

Step 2: Registration Form

View and print summer school registration form.

Step 3: Turn in Registration Form

Bring your completed registration form to Reception in Eureka Hall 401 to obtain the Instructors signature.  To add EDUC 100A/B, EDUC 170 and HLSC 136, you do not need to wait until you have been offered and accepted your admission to the University from the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) however you will need to submit your “Confirmation of Intent to Enroll” online prior to registering for summer. If you live outside of the Sacramento area and cannot come in person to have your registration form signed, please contact Linda Lugea ( for further instructions.

After you’ve obtained the signature to add classes, you must immediately submit the registration form to the Summer Session registration office in Napa Hall (open 8am-5pm M-F) and pay the registration fee, If you live outside of the Sacramento area, call the Summer Session registration office for instructions on faxing or scanning and emailing your signed registration form with fee payment (916.278.6984). PLEASE NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to submit your signed registration form to CCE within 48 hours; we cannot guarantee a space for you outside of that timeframe. 

Registration forms, with signatures and fee payment, must be submitted to Napa Hall no later than 5:00pm on FRIDAY, MAY 18th. We have reserved a limited number of seats for Credential students but, it is on a first come bases. Once we have reached our cap – there is no guarantee that you will be added.

**If you have applied for summer financial aid, your eligibility won’t be determined until mid-summer.  If you qualify for aid, you will receive partial or full reimbursement of registration fees later this summer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (916)-278-6639

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