Su Jin Jez

Su Jin Jez

Assistant Professor
Public Policy and Administration

Office: 3035 Tahoe Hall
Office Phone: (916) 278-5955

Background Information

Su Jin Gatlin Jez teaches in the Independent Education Doctorate Program and the Masters in Public Policy and Administration Program and serves as the Associate Director of the Independent Education Doctorate Program.

Through her teaching, scholarship, and service Dr. Jez aims to strengthen student access, persistence, and success in postsecondary education, particularly for traditionally underserved students. Her work largely focuses on the role of middle and secondary schools in improving students' ability to be ready for and succeed in college. She is increasingly interested what can be learned from other countries that are grappling with similar issues.

Most recently, Dr. Jez's research has focused on middle and high school reform efforts targeted to improve college readiness, access, and success. She works with schools, universities, governmental agencies, nonprofits, and foundations to improve programs and policies that create and support pathways for all students to achieve their postsecondary educational goals.
Dr. Jez performs a variety of econometric analyses, including time-series analysis, multi-level modeling, and advanced regression modeling, all widely used in scientifically based research. She also performs qualitative analyses, from interviews and focus groups to the analysis of primary documents.

Prior to joining Sac State in 2009, Dr. Jez was a Research Associate at WestEd where a significant amount of her research and technical assistance work was focused on supporting early college schools and community colleges.

At Stanford University, Dr. Jez worked on several research projects designed to improve educational outcomes for marginalized students. Being interested in youth who never fully connect with society, Dr. Jez designed and led a mixed-methods research project studying a school focused on reconnecting dropouts.

She is currently an Associate in the National Center for Higher Education and Public Policy's Associates Program and serves on the Leadership Board for the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity's (SEO) San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Chapter.

Dr. Jez received a BA in statistics, with a minor in public policy, from UC Berkeley, and an MA in economics and a PhD in administration and policy analysis from Stanford University.

Publications, Invited Talks, and Conferences

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