2018 Dissertation Defenses 


Completed defenses: 

Carson Medley: "Identities in Transition: How the Redshirt Year Affects the Social, Emotional, Academic, and Athletic (SEAA) Development of College Student-Athletes"

Susan Nisonger Olsen: “'What I would love to do all day is focus on teachers and be in classrooms': Instructional Coaches’ Perspectives of Their Professional Roles, Responsibilities and On-The-Job Learning in Three Northern California Urban School Districts"

Susan Lucyga: "Listen To Me: Lessons Learned from Black Community College Students to Achieve a Transformative Learning Environment"

Kong Vang“The Value of School Connectedness for Students Identified as Emotionally Disturbed”

Ryne Johnson: "Evaluating Equal Opportunity in California Certified Apprenticeships"

Setareh Tabrizi: "Multiliteracy Centers:  Implementing Critical Change to Transform California State University Writing Centers"