2019 Dissertation Defenses 


The following doctoral candidates successfully defended their dissertations in Spring 2019:

Sandra Ayon: "Using the Peer Coaching Model to Develop and Support K-12 Classroom Teachers"

Zeeshan Ayub: "School Climate: 'Measuring the impact of school resources on school climate and student outcomes."

Pete Benitti: "Evaluating the perceptions and practices of the emotional wellness of higher education leaders"

Karen Bridges: "Investigating the Creation of More Equitable Learning Environments for Economically Disadvantaged African American Students Utilizing the LCAP"

Adan Hernandez-Chaidez: "Increasing At-Risk Students' Persistence and Retention at a California Community College"

Suzie Dollesin: "A Quantitative and Qualitative Investigation of What Causes Differences in University Preparation for English Language Learners in California’s High Schools"

Chandler Morgan Easley: "Stay Tuned: The Influence of Classroom Environment and Student Engagement on the Discipline Gap in High School Students of Color"

Fred Evangelisti: "Use and Perceptions of Student Services by First Year Electronics Technology Students"

Thomas Herman: "Does School Climate Influence Academic Achievement Disproportionately for Historically Marginalized Students?"

Matthew S. Kronzer: "Fulfilling the Promise: Financing Education for Nontraditional Students"

Amy Murray: "Teachers' attitudes, capacity, and preparation in implementing laws promoting equity for students with 504 plans"

Saima Nazir: "A Phenomenology: Success in the U.S. from the Voice of English Learner Students"

Ikbal Noureddine: "A Comparative Study on Arab Newcomers' Challenges and How They are Addressed in Restorative and Non-Restorative Justice in Northern California"

Rochelle Perez: "Self-Beliefs and Academic Achievements of Asian and Asian American Students: A Phenomenological Study"

Raquel Quirarte:In Pursuit of Inclusive Excellence: A Critical Examination of Inclusive Policies and Practices for Students of Color”

Theresa G. Reed: "Post-Secondary Access to Human Capital and Financial Literacy: A Cultural, Economic, and Social Experience"

Jainesh Singh: "Institutional Retention Practices and Persistence Among College Men of Color"

Xeng Xiong: "The Second Generation's Voice: Southeast Asian High School Students' Understanding and Experiences of Diaspora in California"