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Angelo Williams, Cohort 1

Motto: “Short term pain, long term gain.”

Angelo Williams Champions of Change

Dr. Angelo Williams became a member of Cohort 1 after successfully lobbying for the legislation that first established a doctorate in education in the California State University system. Since graduating in 2010, Dr. Williams has served as the Legislative Director for the California Student Aid Commission.

The Commission's mission is to make college affordable, especially for underserved ethnic minority and low income students. “My job is focused on working with the California State Legislature to secure financial aid funds and legislative reforms and to work in and for California's communities to raise awareness about the availability of grant-based financial aid for higher education,” says Dr. Williams.

He was recently named to Diversity MBA Magazine’s list of Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive Leaders. He serves on seven nonprofit boards, teaches undergraduates and graduates, and works with stakeholders to create the conditions for change throughout the state in higher education and with nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Williams credits the doctorate program at Sacramento State with giving him skills, perspectives and tools he needs as he works to change the conditions and institutions that serve people in need. “Because I was fortunate enough to be taught and mentored in this program,” he says, “I continue to give back through service. This program prepared me to do my part on the team of change agents all over the world trying to make the world a little better every day.”

An indefatigable booster for student success and prospective Doctors of Education, Dr. Williams is often seen at events hosted by the Ed.D. program. He encourages those considering pursuing their doctorate to look to their future:

“The sacrifice you make of time, treasure and grey matter to successfully complete this program is nothing compared to the rich rewards both personally and professionally you'll receive when you complete your dissertation, don that hood and walk the stage,” he says. “Make no mistake, the program is rigorous, but what in life worth anything isn't? Push yourself beyond what you think you can do. Have faith in you. The dividends are infinite.”

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