Student Profile

Adrienne Thompson

Adrienne Thompson

Background Information
Being raised by a single parent, and a native of Los Angeles, California, I never imagined being in a doctorate program at Sacramento State University. However, through the support and mentoring of my uncle, I relocated to Sacramento and began my college career at Sacramento City College. As a sophomore, I transferred to San Jose State University through the EOP (Summer Bridge) Program. This was an unusual case because most Summer Bridge students are first time freshmen. However, due to my low GPA and my economic status, I qualified for EOP as a sophomore.

In the year 2000, I graduated from San Jose State with a BA in Sociology. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I then decided to move back to Sacramento after graduation, and in 2004, began working at Sacramento State University, where I’m still employed to this day. Through the mentorship of Dr. Forrest Davis, I began graduate studies in Bilingual Multicultural Education, and in 2006, I received an MA in Education. Due to the encouragement from both my uncle and Dr. Davis, I have been able to accomplish what was once unimaginable for me. Therefore, I am now committed to mentoring other young students (K- Postsecondary education), who may not believe they can achieve success due to their environment and/or socioeconomic status.

In addition to my doctoral studies, I am a mentor and an Independent Education Consultant for students and parents. I am also a dedicated member of St. John Baptist Church in downtown Sacramento, where I mentor students and participate in community outreach programs. Finally, I am a wife and mother to a large family that I love dearly. With my busy schedule, including the doctoral program, teaching, mentoring, work, family, and church, I am sustained by this passage from Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

Research Interests
As part of the doctoral program, my research interests include the following: Specialized Public Charter Schools; Multiple Pathways; Dual Enrollment and Community College Retention and Completion for students of color and other underrepresented populations. Mentoring; Post-secondary Education; CSU Faculty Diversity Programs: Recruitment, Retention and Faculty Development.