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photo of Lourd Bawardi-Shomar
Lourd Bawardi-Shomar
Special Education Teacher

Principals' Attitudes Toward the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Elementary Schools in California

photo of Rebecca Berner
Rebecca Berner

Transfer shock and the experience of community college students transitioning to California State University, Chico: an exploratory study

photo of Colleen Bruckmann
Colleen Bruckmann

What are the effects of allowing self-selection on reading motivation and skills?

photo of Tamara Cheshire
Tamara Cheshire
Adjunct Professor
Sacramento City College
and California State University, Sacramento
Email: Profile

Barriers and Bridges: American Indian Community College Student Resilency and Success

photo of Viridiana Diaz
Viridiana Diaz

A study of Latino migrant and seasonal farmworker college students: the emergence of a culturally adaptive navigation model for success

photo of Maha Edlbi
Maha Edlbi
ESL and Arabic Instructor
Sacramento City College

The effect of support services on GPA and timely baccalaureate attainment among community college transfer students at the University of California (UC) at Davis

photo of Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez
Fourth Grade Teacher,
Dingle Elementary School
Phone: (916) 670-5127

The impact of participation in the Mini-Corps program as an undergraduate on alumni's professional career

photo of Lauren Handler
Lauren Handler

Successfully serving the underserved: profiles of AVID teachers

photo of Jenni Helfrich

Jenni Murphy

Increasing Degree Attainment in California: Policy Factors Affecting the Near Completion Population

photo of Shelly Hoover
Shelly Hoover
Vice Principal
Wilson C. Riles Middle School
Phone: (916) 787-8100

Perceived factors impacting the education of Latino high school students

photo of Lundon Jackson
Lundon Jackson
High School Science and Health Instructor
Natomas Unified School District
Phone: (916) 928-5200
Alt. Phone: (916) 479-1759

Impact of federal student aid on completion rates in the Claifornia Community Colleges system

photo of Fawzia Keval
Fawzia Keval
Principal, Prairie Elementary
Elk Grove Unified School District
Phone: (916) 422-1843

Moral imperative as a strategy for transformational leadership and sustainability: an autoethnography

photo of Linda Meyerson
Linda Meyerson

Impact of cultural intelligence on the leadership practices of elementary principals

photo of Eva Margarita Munguia
Eva Margarita Munguia

Counterstories of trio Latino students at a northern community college: transfer culture and leadership

photo of Nassrine Noureddine
Nassrine Noureddine

Minority student experiences: barriers and bridges in nursing education

photo of Timoteo Rico
Timoteo Rico
Director, Early Academic Outreach Program
University of California, Davis
Phone: (530) 754-8106

The impact of UC Davis' early academic outreach program on degree attainment

photo of Nathan Tharp
Nathan Tharp

Accreditation in the California Community Colleges: Influential Cultural Practices

photo of Joann Triphon
Joann Triphon

Increasing Latino Representation in Calfornia's Nursing Programs

photo of Rita Washington
Rita Washington

Contributing Factors to Successful Emancipated Foster Youth

photo of Jian-Zhong Zhou
Jian-Zhong "Joe" Zhou
Head Reference Deptartment
California State University, Sacramento
Phone: (916) 278-6201

Leadership Achievement Gap of Asian/Pacific American Librarians