Student Profile

Lourd Bawardi-Shomar

Lourd Bawardi-Shomar

Special Education Teacher

Background Information
I earned my Bachelor degree in regular and special education from David Yellin College in Jerusalem - Israel, and my Masters degree in special education from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem- Israel. I have been teaching for the last nine years in special education schools and institutions within the Arab society. I experienced teaching in different domains; teaching students with variety of disabilities in public and private schools (k-9), and teaching students in colleges who were becoming special education or early childhood teachers or teacher assistants.

One of my latest experiences was leading the mainstreaming program in a private school, which was then a new program in the private schools. I was the coordinator and instructor for this program that included diagnosing students with learning disabilities and building their individual mainstreaming program. In addition, supervising and training the staff for working with the students with learning disabilities inside the classrooms, by using different educational strategies.

In addition to my studies, I take care of my wonderful family; my supportive husband and my two beloved daughters two and a half and five years old.

English learners and bilingual students, school policies regarding mainstreaming students with Learning Disabilities in the regular schools.