Student Profile

Lundon Jackson

Lundon Jackson

High School Science and Health Instructor,
Discovery High School, Natomas Unified School District

Phone: (916) 479-1759

Background Information
Dr. Lundon C. Jackson has a passion for education, and crosses the boundaries between practice and police while building bridges. She is a credentialed chemistry and health educator and has served in many diverse and impoverished communities in Sacramento. She is a triple alumnus from California State University, Sacramento where she received a B.S. in Health Science, M.A. in Teacher Education, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Her focus in K-12 education is in STEM curriculum and outreach to underrepresented groups. Dr. Jackson's areas of expertise and research in higher education are concentrated in systems theory, accountability systems, federal and state student aid, and affordability. Jackson has also authored a textbook on financial aid policy, a curriculum guide for health education, and continues to write for her educational blog and articles for higher education journals.

Higher Education: Education Policy, Federal and State Student Aid Policy, Affordability, and Equity in Access and Success (Completion) in Higher Education

K-12 Education
STEM Education, School Culture and Climate, and Accountability Measures/Policy

Jackson, L.C. (2012). Student Aid and Completion in the California Community Colleges System: Affordability, Accountability, and Tools for Persistence. Saarbrücken, DE: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Jackson, L.C. (2012). Impact of Federal Student Aid on Completion Rates in the California Community Colleges System. (Doctoral Dissertation). California State University, Sacramento.

Jackson, L.C. (2008). A project based learning health education curriculum guide for students attending continuation high schools. Unpublished Master Thesis, California State University, Sacramento.