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Diana Sandoval

Diana Sandoval

Elk Grove

Phone: (916) 505-6912

Background Information
Life, for me, has always been an arena filled with learning opportunities. I come from the San Joaquin Valley where work in the cotton, tomatoe, and grape fields encompassed my entire summer vacation, and the barrio of Paramount streets were my playground. Each experience was rich with struggles, life lessons, and transformational opportunities. As a Chicana I grew up in California to love my cultural heritage of Mexico and that of the Tex-Mexican. The music of cumbias, rancheras, mariachis, oldies, Santana, and Ana Gabriel were everyday tunes. I grew up making tamales and menudo, speaking Spanish, and loving family outtings. The roles I have played as a daughter, sister, and friend have inspired me for the most important role of my life and that is of a mother. My son is the most important person in my life. I believe the only way I have been able to do my best is because I seek my Lord's guidance and blessings everyday.

The area of academic interests is "Females in Mathematics and Multicultural Education". Specifically, I have researched how hands-on mathematics creates a firm concrete foundation in mathematics that allows the student to move to abstract understanding. The avenues of learning are cooperative groups, use of manipulative, illustrations, writing, literature, and story-telling.