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Ben Bouchaib

Bouchaib Benmira

Exploring and assessing the identification criteria of gifted students

Rachelle Cypher

Rachelle Cypher

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An Analysis of How Teacher Education Programs Prepare Teachers to Meet the Instructional Needs of English Learners

Esther Hattingh

Esther Hattingh A Leader's Process: Educational, Social, and Community Values
Jeffrey Mrizek

Jeffrey Mrizek

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Assessing Collective Impact for the Emergence of Competency Based Statewide 'Public to Public' Civil Service Recruitment Pathways

Corinne Rowland

Corrine Rowland

An Exploration of the Self-Determination Theory in online teaching professional development

Parvati Ryan

Parvati Ryan

Is writing a self-perception problem? A study in the educational psychology of self-efficacy and the factors that make a student a successful writer in a first-year composition class at a community college

Steph Sanders

Stephan Sanders

Uncovering What Effective Teaching Means for African-American Students” - The Creation of the Equitable Learning Environment (ELE) Rubric

Jason Sumi Sumilhig

 Jason Sumilhig

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The Setbacks and Successes influencing degree completion of First-Generation and Low Income Transfer Students

Chao Vang

Chao Vang

Txawj Kaab Lig Kev Cai, Ntse Lug Ntawm Kev Kawm Ntawv: Ecological Factors That Influence Hmong Educational Success

Brief of dissertation, published by Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, Volume 1, Issue 2 of the CPED White Papers: Lost Among the Data: Hmong College Students at California State University, Sacramento

Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams


Institutional Change: Superintendents' Perceptions of and Experience with Facilitating District Wide Change


Ryne Johnson

Evaluating Equal Opportunity in California Certified Apprenticeships

delmy spencer


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The hidden obstacles of microaggressions: a study of Latina administrators in California community colleges​

lisa rochford


Defining climate and engagement in the community college classroom

nazia mostafa Nazia Mostafa Addressing remediation in California community colleges through students' lived experiences in relation to academic, personal, and institutional factors