The Journal of Transformative Leadership
& Policy Studies

Archive of Journal Editions

Edition Topics
Issue 7.1
May 2018
Charter schools, school choice, education law, leadership,civil rights, community-based accountability, privatization, segregation, market-based school choice
Issue 6.1
February 2017
Migrant parents, student dropouts and stopouts, bullying, undocumented students, community college, leadership
Issue 5.1
September 2015
California State University, leadership, special education, CAPSES, community college, social justice, collaboration, STEM teacher preparation, NGSS, John Dewey
Issue 4.1
June 2014
Imagining alternatives for assessment, pedagogical practices that embrace Native American culture, reflective essays employing transformational leadership, three book reviews, and s STEM report underscore issues of public policy, access, and arguments both for and against the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) across P-20 education
Issue 3.1
Spring 2013
Algebra for All, student preparedness in introductory biology, pedagogical practice in African American learning communities, change agency in California higher education, and a reflective essay by California Community College Chancellor Brice Harris
Issue 2.1
Spring 2012
The right to culture, the community college achievement gap, international-mindedness, the challenge of effectively distributing leadership, and novice leaders developing instructional leadership
Issue 1.1
Spring 2010
Our ethical connection to K-12 schools, an urban principal's perceptions of teacher effectiveness, ethnographic research as epistemology, changing early education environments, and Hispanic student achievement
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