The Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies

Volume 1, Number 1 - Spring 2010

Cover of JTLPs issue 1.1, spring 2010

Issue Topics
Our ethical connection to k-12 schools, an urban principal's perceptions of teacher effectiveness, ethnographic research as epistemology, changing early education environments, and Hispanic student achievement.

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Article/Essay Title Author File Type
Article 1:
Practice What We Teach: Our Ethical Connection to P-12 Schools
Delores B. Lindsey,
Richard S. Martinez and
Randall B. Lindsey
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Article 2:
Urban Principals’ Experiences and Perceptions of Teacher Effectiveness:An Analysis of Student Achievement, Hiring and Retention, and School Culture
Carlos Nevarez and
J. Luke Wood
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Article 3:
Teacher Ethnographic Research as Epistemology: Using Ethnographic Research to Develop Reflexive Educators in Diverse Classrooms
Porfirio M. Loeza,
Margaret Roy and
Arcy Devera
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Report 1:
Changing Early Childhood Education Environments with Partnership, Quality, Improvement and Intensive Consultation: A Look at One Case
Kimberly A. Gordon Biddle and
JaNay Brown
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Report 2:
Hispanic Student Achievement: An Investigation of Various Factors and the Effects on Hispanic High School API scores in California
Eleni V. Papailias PDF document icon

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