The Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies

Volume 3, Number 1 - Spring 2013

Cover of JTLPs issue 3.1, spring 2013

Issue Topics

Algebra for All, student preparedness in introductory biology, pedagogical practice in African American learning communities, change agency in California higher education, and a reflective essay by California Community College Chancellor Brice Harris.

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Article/Essay Title Author File Type
Article 1:
An Examination of Algebra for All through Historic Context and Statewide Assessment Data
Jian-Hua Liang, Ed.D. and
Paul E. Heckman, Ph.D.
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Article 2:
Evaluating Student Preparedness and Conceptual Change in Introductory Biology Students Studying Gene Expression
Kelly McDonald, Ph.D. and
Joseph Gomes, B.S.
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Article 3:
“This Is Where I Want To Be:” Pedagogical and Integrative Practices of African American Learning Communities and Their Impact on Students
Tess Hansen, Ed.D. PDF document icon
Reflective Essay 1:
From Perceived Adversary to Critical Friend to Partner in Reform: A Policy Professional’s Reflection on Her Experiences as a Policy Researcher and Change Agent  in California’s Higher Education Community, 2006-2013
Nancy Shulock, Ph.D. PDF document icon
Reflective Essay 2:
Staying Focused on the Agenda: The Greatest Challenge in a Complex Environment
Brice W. Harris, Ed.D. PDF document icon

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