Master of Arts

Master's in Educational Technology (iMET)

Earn a Master’s degree in Educational Technology in this fully online program designed especially for the working professional. Classes never meet face to face during the work week, but classmates have opportunities to meet the instructor and each other face to face during three class sessions each semester.

The newly revised iMET program emphasizes instructional design and educational technology and can be appropriate for students from a broad range of fields including education, business, technology, and others.  Cohort members working individually and in teams learn how to combine technology tools with effective strategies as they design technology integrated curriculum and professional development experiences.

Program Description

The iMET Masters is a 30 unit program over four semesters including nine 3-unit courses and one 3-unit Culminating Experience.  In the Culminating Experience, students are assigned an advisor who guides students in completing a thesis or project for their Master's degree.

Cohort Program

As a cohort Master’s program, iMET is designed so that students have the opportunity to complete all of their courses together.  Cohort programs benefit from a community of peers where students have enhanced opportunities to share information.  iMET begins with an orientation session with the option to attend online or in-person on campus. The purpose of the orientation is to introduce the students to the online technologies used in the program, to get to know classmates and the instructor, and to explore effective communication skills essential to success in the program.  The iMET cohort students, working individually and in teams, learn how to combine technology tools with effective strategies as they design technology integrated curriculum and professional development experiences. Instruction is centered on the learner and on what is required to develop learning experiences in today’s technologically rich learning environments.  Students critically analyze content, identify learning objectives and outcomes, and apply technology to develop diverse learning experiences.


The iMET program courses provide for academic, practical, and technical learning experiences, and are designed to support students in furthering their knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to instructional design and educational technology.  The courses provide opportunities to design, develop, implement, and evaluate online and hybrid learning experiences suitable for an array of contexts including education, government, corporate, as well as nonprofit organizations.   

Required Courses (9 courses 3 units each)

  1. EDTE 250I Educational Research for IMET (1st semester)
  2. EDTE 280A Introduction to Fundamentals of Online Pedagogy & Instructional Design (1st semester)
  3. EDTE 281 Tools and the Curriculum (1st semester)
  4. EDTE 280B Instructional Design (2nd semester)
  5. EDTE 251i Education for a Democratic, Pluralistic Society for IMET. (2nd semester)
  6. EDTE 286 Special Topics in Educational Technology (2nd semester)
  7. EDTE 283 Staff Development and Presentation Applications (3rd semester)
  8. EDTE 284 Problem Solving and Project Development (3rd semester)
  9. EDTE 298 Capstone (4th semester)
  10. EDTE 507 Culminating Experience: Educational Technology

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Program Resources

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