Bullying/Harassment Prevention Training


In order to be community partners with schools and organizations, faculty and graduates from the Master of Arts in Education, Gender Equity Master's, offer training and workshops in Bullying/Harassment Prevention.

Today’s teachers, administrators and counselors face an ever increasing number of students who disclose they have been bullied or harassed by peers. Up to 30% of CA public schools report violent bullying as an issue that must be addressed.

The CA constitution requires students and staff to have a safe environment. Changing bullying and harassing behavior is also addressed in the CA Education Code as well as the CA Penal Code. As educations, we have an obligation to ensure a safe environment for all children. Safe schools become learning environments that are models for other schools.

The training prepares participants to serve as advocates in offering strategies which help in prevention training of harassing/bullying behavior. Additionally, the program provides building blocks of knowledge, skills and practice for each participant to be a successful Bullying/Harassment Prevention Specialist. Participants are exposed to relevant literature and model program strategies while expanding their depth of knowledge and training related to bullying and harassment prevention and school reform.

Participants can receive three levels of pedagogical experience: a traditional instructional setting, a fieldwork school site in the form of a site-level internship at a school implementing these rigorous prevention strategies, and a unique distance learning opportunity where discussions take place online. Training can be developed to meet schools or organizations individual needs.


Through the Bullying/Harassment Prevention training, participants are able to:

  • become school contract person in areas of training teachers, staff, and students
  • help develop positive school culture techniques in areas of inclusion and safety
  • network with other bullying/harassment professionals
  • exchange best practices, ideas and methodologies with their peers
  • pursue career advancement


Ideal candidates include:

  • teachers, principals and district administrators
  • counselors and classified school personnel
  • others who work with students in schools
  • public and private agencies

Training Structure

The instructors present the course material through live class meetings and guided online discussions. There are out-of-class readings, assignments and fieldwork activities involved with each course. Training can develop based on schools or organizations needs.

Suggested Training Sequence

Course Number Course Title Hours Required
BHP 101 Introduction to Bullying and Harassment Prevention 2
BHP 102 The Role of the Prevention Specialist 2
BHP 103 Social/Emotional Development of the Adolescent 4
BHP 104 Bullying: Identifying and Preventing 8
BHP 105 Harassment, Sexual Harassment: Identifying and Preventing 8
BHP 107 Counseling Approaches 8
BHP 108 Assessment and Accountability 4
  Suggested Total Curriculum Hours 36 hours