Graduate and Professional Studies - Forms

Form Title File Type
Academic/Curriculum Forms and Petitions
(Add/Drop Petition, Continuous Enrollment Form, etc)
Candidacy Forms and Petitions
(Advancement to Candidacy, Classification Application, Petition for Exception, etc)
Culminating Experience Reservation Form
(CHDV 290, CHDV, 504, EDBM 265, EDBM 565, EDC 500, EDLP 230, EDLP 500A, EDLP 500B, EDS 249, EDS 540, EDS 541, EDS 542, EDSP 290, EDSP 298, EDSP 500, EDSP 501, EDTE 290, EDTE 503, EDTE 505, EDTE 506, EDTE 507)
Graduation/Diploma Forms
(Graduation Application, Graduation Date Change, etc)
Human Subjects Forms and Guidelines
(Research Integrity and Compliance)
Miscellaneous Graduate Studies Forms
Special Problems Petition
Thesis/Project/Dissertation Forms and Guides
(Thesis/Project Receipt, Writing Guides)
Unit 11 - Applications for GA / ISA / TA
(Student Assistant, Student Hiring Guidelines)

Child Development

Form Title File Type
Apprenticeship Course Petition (CHDV 153, 253)
Continuous Enrollment Part 1
Culminating Experience Agreement
Elective Approval
Petition to Add CHDV 194/294, CHDV 44/144/244

Counselor Education

Form Title File Type
Completion of Personal Counseling Form: Cohorts 5 & 6
Completion of Personal Counseling Form: Cohorts 7 & 8
PPS School Counseling Coursework Completion Form
(To be attached to your Credential Application. PPS Credential Applications are available in the Credential Analyst Office, Eureka Hall 414)
Counselor Education Personal Therapy Hours Tracking Sheet

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Form Title File Type
Advancement to Candidacy: K-12
Advancement to Candidacy: Higher Education
Thesis/Project Petition
Petition for Enrollment: Field Study or Administrative Internship Program

Special Education

Form Title File Type
PACT Literacy Information and Resources

School Psychology

Form Title File Type
Course Equivalency, Ed.S.
Course Equivalency, Ed.S. Supplement
Internship (EDS 441): Fieldwork Expectations
Internship (EDS 441): Fieldwork Log
Internship (EDS 441): Intern Expectations
Internship (EDS 441): Internship Plan
Internship (EDS 441): Intern Hours
Internship (EDS 441): Intern Hours Log
PPS Coursework Completion Form
[To be attached to your Credential Application] Note: PPS Credential Application available in the Credential Analyst Office: Eureka Hall 414, (916) 278-4567
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