College of Education Minors

Students working towards a College of Education Minor may select from one of four options: American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, Child Development, Counseling, and Teaching, Equity and Engagement. The minors vary in units from 15-23 units and can be added on to any major.

Career Options

Students pursuing the minor may be interested in the following careers:

  • Vocational Trainer
  • Educational Counselor
  • Audiology 
  • Speech Therapy 
  • Nursing
  • Community College Teaching
  • Law
  • Elementary/Secondary Teaching
  • Preschool Teaching and Administration
  • Child Care Provider
  • Parent Educator
  • Human Resources

Programs Offered

Minor in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies (23 units)
American Sign Language and Deaf Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of deaf and hard of hearing people in American and world society. The program promotes the understanding of deaf people as a linguistic and cultural group and encourages students to analyze existing stereotypes and policies related to deaf and hard of hearing people in order to work both within their own communities and other in affecting change for the betterment of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

COURSE                UNITS               TITLE
DEAF 51                    3                    American Sign Language 1
DEAF 52                    3                    American Sign Language 2
DEAF 53                    4                    American Sign Language 3
DEAF 60                    3                    Introduction to Deaf Studies
DEAF 154                  4                    American Sign Language 4
DEAF 161                  3                    Deaf History & Education
DEAF 162                  3                    Deaf Culture & Community

Minor in Child Development (20 units)
Child Development is the study of the physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive growth and development of the child from conception through adolescence. The purpose of the minor is to provide an academic background that prepares students to work with children and families in a variety of settings.

COURSE                UNITS                 TITLE
CHDV 30                    3                      Human Development
CHDV 35                    3                      Child Adolescent Development
CHDV 131                  3                      Langauge Development
CHDV 133                  3                      Research in Human Development
CHDV 137/L               4                      Cognitive Development
CHDV 138/L               4                      Social and Emotional Development
Elective                      3                      Selected from list of approves electives

Minor in Counseling (19 units)
The counseling minor seeks to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the needs and concerns of a diverse society. Students interested in pursuing a career in counseling or other related fields working with children and families will benefit from courses based in counseling and education.

COURSE                 UNITS                  TITLE
CHDV 133                   3                       Research in Human Development
CHDV 135                   3                       Cross-cultural Child Development
CHDV 138/L                4                       Social and Emotional Development
EDUC 155                   3                       Introduction to Counseling 
EDUC 156                   3                       Power, Priviledge & Self Identity in Counseling
EDUC 157                   3                       Child & Family Psychopathology

Minor in Teaching Equity and Engagement (15 units)
This minor is advantageous for those planning graduate study in these fields and those pursuing a teaching credential or a career using teaching and engagement strategies. The skills gained in the Minor in Education coursework allows students to master facilitation and presentations talents used in various careers and workplace settings. This Minor may be particularly useful to students with undergraduate majors in Human Resources, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, Counseling, Family and Consumer Sciences, Nursing, Recreation Administration, Social Welfare, Speech Pathology and Audiology, and Vocational Education. 

COURSE                 UNITS                   TITLE
EDUC 124A/B              3                        Tutoring Children in Math
EDUC 125A/B              3                        Tutoring Children in Reading
EDUC 120                    3                        Literature for Children
EDUC 121                    3                        Multicultural Children's Literature
EDUC 160                    3                        Urban Education
EDUC 165                    3                        Sex Role Stereotyping in American Educating
Elective                        3                         Selected from list of approved Electives 

Additional Information

College of Education Minor Fact Sheet (PDF)