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Admissions Procedures by Academic Area

Application procedures vary depending on the area to which you are applying. Some areas require supplemental application materials. Use the links below to read the specific application procedures.

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Undergraduate Studies in Education

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Graduate and Professional Studies in Education

Doctoral students

Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Before You Apply

Applying to college is a big step. We are dedicated to making the process as straightforward and productive as possible. And, once you have decided to pursue a degree and/or credential, you want to find the right program and university for you.

  1. Visit the Sacramento State website to learn about the university, living in Sacramento, and the broad range of academic opportunities available to you.
  2. Learn as much as you can about the College of Education. Be sure to visit the important resources under Future Students. Explore the variety of programs offered by the College by reviewing our Academics. We offer everything from the bachelor's degree to a doctorate, so there are many things to think about as you plan your academic and professional future.
  3. Review campus tuition and fees to make sure you understand fully the costs of attending Sacramento State. Many financial aid options are available; visit the University's Financial Aid Office to learn more. In addition, the College of Education offers its own scholarship program.
  4. Contact the Academic and Program Services Office (APS) with any questions you have. APS is our one-stop office for future and current students to get their questions answered regarding any academic issues. You can also learn about program admission requirements, application procedures, and more.
  5. Review each program's application checklist to be sure you have collected all of the materials needed to submit a completed application.

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