Admissions and Registration

Provide the Correct Information

Course admissions are made with the aid of a computer program. It is very important that students list the correct course information (including ATS code) in the Class Selections area on the application. ATS is not responsible for erroneous placements due to incorrect class information on the application.

Every attempt is made to offer eligible students admission in their requested classes. However, ATS often receives more requests for courses than there are seats available. The more flexible students can be in making their selections, the greater the chance of being offered admission to a course and attending the program.

Because some classes are extremely popular and have more applicants than seats available, students may not be able to gain admission to a specific course or section. Conversely, if a low number of students apply for a course, it may be subject to cancellation. For the best chance of participating, students are encouraged to list a different course (or different section of the same course if they are available to attend) as an alternate. Students who are not placed into their first choice will be considered for their alternate selection (if it has not already been filled). If both the primary and alternate courses are filled, and the student meets the score requirement for the primary choice then the student will be placed on a waiting list for the class. Applicants who are placed in their alternate selection will not be added to the waiting list for their primary choice.

Students will not be admitted into classes that meet at the same time nor will they be placed into multiple sections of the same course. Placements are not transferable to another student or to another section of a class. To be fair to all students, no priority is given to previous ATS participants. Likewise, students who did not receive their first choice in the past have no priority over new applicants. Students who are seeking to repeat a course or curriculum will receive lower priority than those applicants who are seeking to take the class for the first time.

Placement Order

  1. All qualified students who submit complete applications by the priority admission deadline (placed top score down until all seats have been filled).
  2. Students who do not meet course requirements (but who are within 10 points of the required score) who submitted complete applications by the priority admission deadline.
  3. Students who submit their applications after the deadline (placed on a date-received, space-available basis).


Waiting Lists

Being placed on a waiting list does not guarantee a seat in a course. While some applicants may be offered admission from the waiting list due to admitted students declining their positions, the lists for some classes never change because all students who were originally admitted accept their seats and confirm their enrollment.

To be fair to all participants, students may not “hold a seat” on waiting lists for multiple sections of the same class or for multiple classes that meet at the same time.

Registering for Classes

Admission packets are mailed to applicants in May and contain information regarding the class(es) the student was admitted to and the fees due. To confirm attendance and secure their student’s seat in class, parents need to complete and submit the 2-sided registration form along with payment for fees due and any other required documentation (for example, students enrolling in a computer class must submit the Internet Use Agreement).


Adding and Dropping Classes

Adding a course after placements have been made can be difficult as there may be no seats available. Late changes can be difficult to accommodate without infringing on the rights of other students. Each class has a specific number of available seats and admitted students will not be asked to give up their seat so that another applicant can be placed. Students who request a change will be placed only if space is available and they meet the minimum requirements for the course.

For the protection of all applicants, requests for class changes (adds and drops) should be made in writing by the parent/guardian listed on the student’s application.