How to Apply

  1. Take the ATS Qualifying Exam
    • 4th and 5th graders take the Intermediate Level
    • 6th - 9th graders take the Advanced Level
      • Students who last tested in 4th or 5th grade will need to retake the test to obtain Advanced Level scores
    • Note: grade level is as of January 1. So a student who is in 5th grade as of January 1, 2019 would be considered a 5th grader for the Summer 2019 program and would take the Intermediate Level test.
  2. Complete the ATS Application
    • Applications can be completed online or using the paper copy in the Summer 2019 Catalog
  3. Submit application materials by the deadline
    1. ATS Application
      • If apply for financial aid, include the Financial Aid Application and required documentation also.
    2. Report Card
      • A copy of a report card from this school year is required from all students. This information is used to verify student grade level and to aid instructors in creating curricula for courses. Report cards must include the following information:
        • school name
        • student name
        • student’s current grade level
        • term dates
        • specific courses the student is enrolled in (must show ALL classes being taken, not just one subject)
        • semester, trimester, or quarter grades
      • Home school students should submit documentation from their school or program that shows current grade level, current curriculum, and level of achievement in each subject.
      • Students who attend schools that do not issue traditional report cards (such as Waldorf or Montessori) should provide a copy of the school’s most recent written evaluation from the current school year that shows all classes taken this school year and current grade level.
    3. Documentation of Completed Prerequisite Coursework (if required)
      1. Some classes in the 6th - 9th grade program have curriculum prerequisites that must be completed before the student may apply for the course. For example, students wishing to apply for the Geometry course must meet the math score requirement AND also show proof of completion of high school level Algebra 1, Integrated Mathematics 1, or equivalent.
      2. Coursework prerequisites will be listed in the Master Schedule and the course description
  4. Application Fee
    • This is a nontransferable processing fee, not a deposit, and is not deductible from course fees. This fee is required from all applicants, even those who are applying for financial aid.