Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Prospective TAs


Is this a paid or volunteer position?
TA’s are paid an hourly rate for their work. Specific pay information is included in the application materials.


What are the work days for the position? What is the time commitment?
The potential work days for a TA are Monday through Friday.

The time commitment varies depending on what class(es) you might be selected to TA for. ATS classes are like college classes so can be scheduled in 1-, 3-, or 5-week sessions for 2, 3, or 5 days either in the morning or the afternoon. Specific dates/days/times vary depending on the course or courses the TA is assigned to.


What would I be doing as a TA?
TA duties vary depending on the class. It may include helping the instructor set up and clean up laboratory activities, taking daily attendance, providing technical assistance with class assignments (in the case of computer-based classes), or even teaching a lesson. Specific duties are determined by the course instructor.


What are you looking for in a TA?
Qualifications include but are not limited to: experience working with students, attention to detail, expertise in the subject matter being applied for, reliability and punctuality for scheduled assignments.


When are interviews held?
Interviews are held during the regular work week (Monday through Friday). The University building in which our office is located is not open on weekends.


I’m away at college – can I do a telephone interview or Skype it?
Unfortunately we are not able to do phone or virtual interviews for TA positions. These are group interviews done with 5-7 applicants per session so all candidates must be present in our office for them.


I’ll be 18 at the end of June – can I still apply?
Unfortunately, due to the start date of the summer program and the pre-hire background check requirements for all employees, applicants must be 18 or older as of June 1.


Do you have to have taken ATS classes to be a TA?
While priority will be given to former ATS participants, we welcome all potential candidates to apply.


Is the position just for the summer?
Yes, the teaching assistant position is only for the summer.

We do also hire student assistants for office positions during the fall and spring semesters for those students who may be attending school in the Sacramento area. You can check to see if any positions are currently available.