Financial Aid

ATS recognizes that some families' financial circumstances make it difficult to participate in classes. To provide equal educational opportunities for all qualified students regardless of the financial resources of the family, ATS offers scholarships and financial aid for summer classes. Approximately $22,000 in testing fee waivers and financial aid scholarships was awarded to students in 2018.

Financial Aid

Each year, ATS provides fee reduction scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged families who otherwise might not be able to attend due to costs. Applicants whose family income levels are lowest are awarded larger scholarships than those reporting higher incomes. Families with annual incomes greater than $30,000 are asked not to apply unless significant and extraordinary circumstances exist as priority consideration is given to those with the greatest economic hardship.

Because funds are limited, scholarships are provided toward one class per student. This allows ATS to provide support to the greatest number of applicants possible

To apply for financial aid, students should complete the application included in the Summer Catalog and submit it with all required materials:

  • ATS Application for classes and accompanying documents
  • ATS Financial Aid Application
  • Appropriate nonrefundable application fee
  • Copy of current year’s IRS Form 1040
    • Documents must be from the current tax year (for example, for Summer 2019, a copy of the 2018 tax form should be provided). If tax forms were not filed, other appropriate documentation verifying annual income (such as a CalWorks statement) must be provided. A single paycheck stub or W-2 is not sufficient. Documentation should be from an official federal, state, county, or company entity and must show complete yearly income for the household.
    • Note: If you did not file Form 1040 and are providing alternate documentation in lieu of tax forms, a written statement must be included in the open response area on the back of the Financial Aid application that explains what the circumstances are and what the documents represent.


2019 Donor Spotlight

Kinder Morgan Foundation

The Kinder Morgan Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Kinder Morgan, one of the nation's largest energy transportation, storage, and distribution companies.  It proudly supports programs that advance the academic and artistic interests of K-12 math, music, and science students.

Past donors and sponsors include

  • BEST (Business, Education, Science Team)
  • Blue Diamond
  • California Casualty Group
  • Center for Biophotonics, Science and Technology
  • Chevron
  • Discovery Museum
  • Hearst Foundations
  • Intel
  • McClellan Air Force Base
  • SMUD
  • Sweetwater Café
  • Teichert Foundation
  • Union Pacific Foundation
  • VSP Vision Care
  • Whole Foods


Golden 1 Credit Union

The Golden 1 Credit Union is the proud sponsor of The Golden 1 Challenge:  Financial Strategies for Success.  As California's leading financial cooperative, Golden 1 Credit Union is the sixth largest credit union in the United States.

Sacramento Theatre Company

Sacramento's premiere professional theatre company, STC produces engaging professional theatre and provides exceptional theatre training. STC presents over 300 performances of contemporary and traditional works each year and strives to be a leader in integrating professional theatre with theatre arts education.


Gregory Glenn Memorial Scholarship

Established by the late Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas, in honor of their son who died in 1973 at the age of 21, the Gregory Glenn Thomas Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an economically disadvantaged student from the Lodi/Stockton area who demonstrates outstanding academic potential.

Rodger Bishton Memorial Scholarship

This award honors the memory of Dr. Rodger Bishton, Sacramento State Professor Emeritus, who served as Director of Research for Academic Talent Search until his passing in 2003. The scholarship is awarded to an economically disadvantaged student who displays outstanding merit and achievement.

Voula Steinberg Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships, established by the late Mr. David Steinberg, honor Mrs. Voula Steinberg who taught mathematics at John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento for many years. Mrs. Steinberg's students learned to love the beauty and simplicity of mathematics. During the 1980s, Mrs. Steinberg also taught Fast-Paced Mathematics with ATS. These scholarships are awarded each year to economically disadvantaged students who seek to further their mathematical excellence through ATS' mathematics courses.