Qualifying Exam: Verbal Section

The verbal section of the ATS Qualifying Exam tests students' knowledge of the meaning of words and their ability to identify relationships between a pair of words. Students will be asked to find the pair of words that go together in the same way as the first two words.


album : photographs : :

  1. meeting : agendas
  2. checkbook : money
  3. board : directors
  4. scrapbook : clippings


To solve these types of questions, begin by putting the primary pair of words into a sentence which explains their relationship ("You save photographs in an album.") Next, substitute the answer choices into your sentence.

Choice Answer
a) You save agendas in a meeting. No
b) You save money in a checkbook. No
c) You save directors in a board. No
d) You save clippings in a scrapbook. YES!

The correct answer is D. Album is related to photographs in the same way that scrapbook is related to clippings.