Getting Involved - Schools

  1. Schedule the ATS Qualifying Exam for your students
    • Reserve a room for testing. Test administration takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  2. Spread the word about your exam arrangements
    • Let students, parents, and school faculty know about the test and when it will be held
    • Share information during morning announcements, in the school bulletin or newsletter, on your school website, or via social media. Some schools also send flyers home in their students’ weekly "go home" folders.
  3. Collect sign-ups
    • Gathering information in advance about how many students are planning to take the test will make it easier for you to estimate how many participants you’ll have on the day of the test
  4. Wait for ATS to contact you
    1. Schools with an ATS proctor
      • The week before your scheduled exam, ATS staff will be in contact to finalize details (such as how many students you expect and where at the school the test will be held) so the proctor can be best prepared for the exam
    2. Schools administering the exam themselves
      • The week before the exam mail date (ie, the date that ATS is to send you the test materials), ATS staff will be in contact to finalize details (such as how many students you expect) in order to prepare the correct quantity of materials to send to you
  5. The day of the test: Remind students, faculty, and the school office about the test time and location
    • If the test is scheduled during the school day, ask that students be released from class to go to the testing room at the appropriate time
    • If the test is scheduled for after school, a reminder ‘all call’ before dismissal can help students remember not to leave campus right away



August – September Schedule the ATS Qualifying Exam for your school
October – November Receive informational materials from ATS to provide to your students
December Begin distributing test sign up forms to students
January – March Testing held at area schools
March – April Receive test summary data from ATS