Summer 2019 Program

Applying for Classes

1. Take the ATS Qualifying Exam

  • Current 4th & 5th graders must take the "intermediate" level of the exam.
  • Current 6th-9th graders must take the “advanced” level ATS Qualifying Exam.
    Students currently in grades 6 or above who last tested in the 4th or 5th grade will need to test again.

Note: Grade level is based on the grade the student is in as of January 1, 2019


2. Complete the 2019 ATS ApplicationFor the first time you can apply online for classes.  Make sure you have the following items ready:
•  2018-2019 report card
•  application fee
See the Required Items section of this page for more details.

Applications are considered incomplete until all required documents are received.  If any part of the application is received after the May 9 priority deadline, the application will be considered on a date-received, space-available basis.

The ATS Application is currently available online (see below). Please note: ATS will release student information ONLY to the individuals listed in the application. All parents/guardians who wish to have access to student information MUST be listed here. For student safety and security, ATS staff are unable to provide information to unlisted individuals.


3. Submit Application Materials by 4 pm on May 9

To be considered in the first placement group, students should submit complete application materials by 4 pm on May 9. All complete applications received by this deadline will be considered as a single group with placements made top score down until a class is full.


Required Application Materials

a. 2019 ATS Application

If applying for financial aid, also include the Financial Aid Application (a copy is available below) and required documentation along with the 2019 ATS Application. Do NOT email the Financial Aid Application or income documentation - it can be submitted by fax, mail, or hand-delivery.


b. 2018-2019 Report Card

A copy of a recent report card from the 2018-2019 academic year is REQUIRED from all students. This information is used to verify student grade level and to aid instructors in creating curricula for courses. With the exception of language and mathematics courses, report card grades are not used in the placement process. Report cards must show all classes being taken for the school year, not just one subject, and must include all of the following information, or it will be considered incomplete:

  • student’s name
  • school name
  • student’s current grade level
  • term dates
  • specific courses the student is currently enrolled in
  • semester, trimester, or quarter grades
  • comments for those courses (if given)

Home school students should submit documentation from their school or program that shows current grade level, current curriculum, and level of achievement in each subject. Students who attend schools that do not issue traditional report cards (such as Waldorf or Montessori) should provide a copy of the school’s most recent written evaluation from 2018-2019 that shows all classes taken this school year and current grade level.


c. Application Fee

This is a nontransferable processing fee, not a deposit, and is not deductible from course fees. This fee is required from all applicants, even those who are applying for financial aid.

The application fee can be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card.  You can mail or hand deliver your payment to the ATS office during regular business hours or pay by credit card online.
Note: Payments through this site are made to Sacramento State and not directly to ATS.  A copy of your payment receipt must be submitted to ATS.  When applying online, you can upload your receipt as part of your application or you can send it separately via email or mail.

Application Fees & Deadlines

The application fee is dependent on when your completed application is received at the ATS office:

For Priority Placement
May 9 at 4:00 pm $25
Students who submit complete applications before the May 9 deadline will be considered for placement based on their ATS Qualifying Exam scores (top score down).

After May 9 at 4:00 pm $35
Course placement is determined on a date-received, space-available basis.
This fee is refundable only if the student is not placed in any class requested.

Refund Policy

As a self-supporting program, ATS is unable to accommodate class schedule changes in the same way a university may. Participants should note and observe the deadline date for requesting a refund.

Application Fee

  1. Applications received by 4pm on May 9: The $25 application fee is a processing fee and is not refundable under any circumstances once an application has been submitted for consideration.
  2. Applications received after 4pm on May 9: Applications received after the “first group to be considered for placement” (deadline of May 9 at 4pm) require a $35 application fee. This fee is refundable ONLY if the student is not placed in any class requested. Students who cannot be placed will have their application fee returned to them in August. The application fee is not refundable under any circumstances ONCE a student has been admitted to a class. In other words, the application fee is not refundable if you change your mind about class choice after placement.

Course Fees

To withdraw from a course in the 2019 Summer Program and apply for a refund of course fees paid, the parent(s) listed on the student’s 2019 ATS Application must notify ATS in writing of the student’s withdrawal before June 4, 2019. If ATS receives a written (or emailed) withdrawal no later than 5pm on June 4, 100% of course fees paid will be refunded. Written withdrawals submitted after this deadline will not, by policy, receive any refund of course fees. Fees paid for a specific course are not transferable to another course or to another student. Lab fees and fees for readers/booklets are not refundable.

Applications & Classes

4th & 5th Grade Program


6th - 9th Grade Program