Getting Involved - Prospective TAs

“I used to sit in these same chairs, maybe the same classroom, too…. So it’s really kind of exciting to see that same excitement coming into those kids’ eyes because I used to feel that when I was sitting in their place.”
- ATS Teaching Assistant

ATS teaching assistants (TAs) include graduating high school seniors and college students. The majority of TAs were ATS students themselves when they were in elementary and middle school and are excited to share their enthusiasm with the new generation of participants.

Job Description

Under the direction of the course instructor and senior program staff, the teaching assistant (TA) aids the teacher in the successful completion of class-related activities. TAs are expected to provide direct support to the teacher and the students.  This position is essential to the success of the students’ experience in the classroom and to the summer program as a whole.


Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Be a role model for students.
  • Provide the teacher with feedback and observations about students.
  • Know the material being presented in class.
  • Set-up and break-down labs and/or activities as directed by the instructor.
  • Supervise tests.
  • Supervise students during breaks (when students are on break, TA’s are still on duty).
  • Organize and track inventory of class supplies.
  • Pass-out and/or collect materials from students.
  • Read and/or grade students’ class assignments as directed by the instructor. Assist with record-keeping of scores.
  • Provide one-on-one or group tutoring as needed.
  • Present one or more lessons/topics to the class (as arranged with the teacher).
  • Take initiative and circulate the room during activities. Be pro-active and assist/check-in with students when they appear to need help.
  • Assist with classroom management.

How to Apply

TA recruitment generally opens between March and April. Select applicants will be invited for in-person interviews between April and May. (Unfortunately, due to the interview format, telephone or telepresence interviews are not possible.)

Summer 2019 TA Application