Thousands of California schoolchildren have built models of the Spanish missions. It's long been the capstone History-Social Science project in 4th grade.

But for many California Indians, the missions are a reminder of the conflict, conquest, and forced labor their ancestors endured there. So when their children are asked to build a monument to the conquerors who decimated their culture, they are insulted and outraged. 

“Building missions from sugar cubes or popsicle sticks does not help students understand the period and is offensive to many.” — State Board of Education, July 14, 2016

Many teachers would like to change what they teach about this important era in California’s history, and in doing so also comply with the new California History-Social Science Framework, but they need your help.

Alternate mission projects

Your donation will help us put culturally and historically inclusive, standards-compliant curriculum into the hands of fourth grade teachers. Your gift will help us change the narrative on California Indians.

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Respect heals.

Replace the 4th grade mission project.

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