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American Indian Heritage Month
California Educator (Oct/Nov 2018)

Moving beyond the Missions: California Builds Inclusive Native History Curriculum
Nonprofit Quarterly (8/1/18)

Native Americans Push Schools To Include Their Story In California History Classes
Huffington Post (7/30/18)

Native Americans push schools to include their story in California history classes
San Jose Mercury News (7/29/18)

Native Americans push schools to include their story in California history classes
EdSource (7/25/18)

'It's Not a New Story': Family Separations Open Old Wounds
KQED (6/29/18)

Professor helps reframe how state's mission history is seen
Sacramento State News (4/3/2018)

Education Summit at CIC
News from Native California (10/10/17)

A New (and More Accurate) Way to Teach California Indian History
CSU System News (10/4/17)

The California missions school project is becoming a thing of the past. Here’s why
Los Angeles Daily News (9/24/17)

Good riddance to California's 'mission project'
Los Angeles Times (9/19/17)

Fourth grade mission model project could be history
The San Diego Union-Tribune (9/15/17)

No more sugar cubes and Popsicle sticks? State urges teachers to scrap 4th-grade mission project
Sacramento Bee (9/5/17)

The next generation of California public school students will skip the 'mission project'
SF GATE (8/30/17)

The True California Mission Story
Indian Country Today (8/23/17)

Repeat after us, say no to the mission project.
California History-Social Science Project (5/23/17)

Mission Project Protests Help Spur Changes
Capital Public Radio (5/17/17)

The Lesser-Told Story Of The California Missions
Hoodline (3/20/16)

Lying to Children About the California Missions and the Indians
Huffington Post (3/23/15)

Experiences from the field:

Parent-teacher guides son through alternative mission project
Sacramento State (10/23/17)

Kumeyaay historian dispels the California origin myth
Sacramento State (10/12/17)

Professors work to change credential students' thinking about mission project
Sacramento State (10/3/17)

Teacher makes indigenous people the focus of alternative missions project
Sacramento State (9/15/17)

Kumeyaay curriculum a useful model for schools
Sacramento State (9/7/17)

Student stories:

The San Diego Mission and Kumeyaay Revolt: A (decolonized) mission report written by my nine year old daughter (or don't try to tell me that fourth graders can't understand a more complex view of history)
Cutcha Risling Baldy (6/13/17)

Gabe Medina’s Fourth Grade “Mission” Project
FNX First Nations Experience (2015)

Scholarly articles:

Standing Up to Sugar Cubes: The Contest over Ethnic Identity in California's Fourth-Grade Mission Curriculum
Southern California Quarterly (Summer 2010)


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