Repeal, Replace and Reframe the 4th Grade Mission project

With the recent adoption of the new History-Social Science Framework by the California State Board of Education, it is acknowledged that the story of California begins in pre-Columbian times. For this reason, it is important that we include the voices and history of California Indians.

To this end, the practice of creating models of the California missions and not including the impact and daily life of the native population within these missions has perpetuated a false narrative. As indicated by the State Board of Education, “building missions from sugar cubes or popsicle sticks does not help students understand the period and is offensive to many. ... Missions were sites of conflict, conquest, and forced labor.”

The intention of this resolution is to set in motion the replacement units so that educators in California, as well as those in our teacher education pipeline, can access the California Indian perspective that has been absent.

We need your support to help produce new standards-based curricula to reframe California’s history.

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